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are born with a divine touch as God cre­ated them spe­cially. They may not be with us for long but they leave be­hind a rare col­lec­tion of cre­ativ­ity, re­mind­ing us al­ways of their pres­ence in this world. Thus, a his­tory is cre­ated. Friends, we are talk­ing about Clint, one of the world’s youngest painters. Ed­mund Thomas Clint was born on 19th May, 1976 in Kochi, Ker­ala. His life in this world was very short and he passed away on 15th April, 1983. But a month short of his 7 year life was enough to at­tract world at­ten­tion. What a won­der­ful kid has was! There are about 25000 pic­tures to his credit! He be­gan to draw pic­tures on walls us­ing small pieces of stones when he was just 6 months old. He drew pic­tures of what­ever images that came in front of his eyes. This in­cluded birds, an­i­mals, trees and plants. When his fa­ther brought crayons and colour pen­cils, he be­gan non-stop draw­ing. When an art teacher came to teach him draw­ing he went back after see­ing Clint’s draw­ings on the wall. He re­marked, “Clint knows ev­ery­thing; there is noth­ing I can teach him.” Clint was im­mersed in his world of paint­ings. He gave images to the char­ac­ters in the sto­ries heard from his mother. Clint found themes for draw­ing from his sur­round­ings in­clud­ing the tem­ple fes­ti­vals, images of God etc. When Clint was five years old he won the Gold Medal in the Paint­ing com­pe­ti­tion held for the un­der 18 years. But it was almost time for Clint to leave this world. He left this abode as God wanted Clint be­side Him.

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