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it is get­ting late; aren‛t you ready?", Mom asked her while pre­par­ing break­fast. “Yes mom just five min­utes more”, she replied while gaz­ing at her beau­ti­ful im­age in the mir­ror. She used a san­dal per­fume. She used hair oil which her mother made with nat­u­ral flavours us­ing co­conut oil. The tra­di­tional are the most beau­ti­ful girl; but don‛t you think I made you very at­trac­tive? think for a mo­ment; be­cause of me you re­al­ize your beauty; had I not been there you wouldn‛t have seen the world around you, so I‛m the most im­por­tant part in your body.” Geethu smiled at them and ac­cepted by nod­ding her head. But her Nose got angry with this ar­gu­ment. The Nose said with a wheez­ing, “Geethu don‛t rely on wrong no­tions, in­fact I give shape to your face, through me you breathe and re­mem­ber the nose ring which ev­ery­one praises you for is car­ried by me.” Geethu couldn‛t doubt the im­por­tance of the Nose on her face. “You are right my Nose, I can‛t even ex­ist for a mo­ment with­out your pres­ence, it is you who make me charm­ing,” She agreed im­me­di­ately. How­ever, th­ese words in­vited

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