SMA Suc­cess Guide for Higher Ed­u­ca­tion

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Gen­eral Knowl­edge

1. On whose name was In­dia’s first satel­lite named? 2. What was the name for In­dia’s first atomic re­ac­tor? 3. Who in­vented Log­a­rithm Ta­bles? 4. What is the unit of mea­sur­ing en­ergy? 5. What is the main pur­pose of crop ro­ta­tion? 6. Which were the coun­tries in­cluded in Axis Pow­ers and Al­lies dur­ing 2nd world war? 7. Which coun­try was ad­mit­ted to the mem­ber­ship of UN on Septem­ber 2002?

8. Who was the first In­dian to be awarded the Os­car for lifetime achieve­ments in Cin­ema in 1992? 9. Who iden­ti­fied elec­tron for the first time? 10. Who was the first In­dian to re­ceive

the Bharath Ratna?

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