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2 Iden­ti­cal Tins or Cans. Black paint. White paint. A paint brush. Wa­ter. A Ther­mome­ter.


1. Take two iden­ti­cal cans. 2. Us­ing a brush, paint the outer sur­face of each of the two cans, one with black and the other with white. 3. Fill up wa­ter in both the cans and keep it in the sun for an hour. 4. Us­ing a ther­mome­ter, mea­sure the tem­per­a­ture of wa­ter in both cans.


The wa­ter in the can painted black will be warmer than the wa­ter in the can painted white.

Why it hap­pens?

Dark col­ored sur­faces par­tic­u­larly black ab­sorbs more heat. While the light shades such as white, re­flect most of the heat that falls on them and there­fore ab­sorbs less heat. This is the rea­son why we feel more com­fort­able wear­ing white and lighter col­ored clothes in sum­mer.

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