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Chinnu par­rot at Thathaman­galam had two chicks, Chakkaran and Vikkaran. Chakkaran was very calm and quiet while Vikkaran was vey mis­chievous. Though Vikkaran was just a few weeks old he wished to fly high in the sky and roam around ev­ery­where. One day, Chinnu de­cided to

to a far away hilly for­est area in search of food. Be­fore leav­ing the nest, she closed the door and warned her

fly sons, “Dears, don‛t come out of your nest till I re­turn; there are many who have an eye on you”. They nod­ded their heads in re­sponse to their mother and said, “Yes mother, we will never come out till you come back.” On hear­ing this Chinnu flew away peace­fully.

After a while, Vikkaran came out of the door with­out telling his brother. He was ex­cited to see the out­side world. But as he stepped for­ward, he slipped and fell down. “Klee, klee, klee”, he chirped loudly. Cheeran fox, who was on the look­out for a prey heard this chirp­ing and soon ap­peared there. On see­ing Cheeran and feel­ing im­mi­nent dan­ger, he crawled to a hut nearby. It was the house of their fam­ily friend, Deer. Though Cheeran came there, Deer made some noise and sent him back. Deer asked, “Hi, para­keet, you are very young, how did you reach here alone?” Vikkaran told the whole story and re­quested Deer to help him get back home. Deer felt pity on him and said, “Come and sit on my back, I will take you to your home.” Vikkaran im­me­di­ately jumped up and sat on Deer‛s back who then walked to­wards Vikkaran‛s house. On the way, they met Chinnu who was run­ning around in search of her son. When the mother saw Vikkaran she felt very happy. She shouted, “Where were you Vikkaran?”

Deer said to Chinnu, “Look my dear friend, Vikkaran was in trou­ble and had I not seen him he would have been eaten by the wicked fox to­day”. Vikkaran also ex­pressed his re­gret for not obey­ing his mother‛s ad­vice. He said in tears, “I‛m sorry mother, I dis­obeyed you and God pun­ished me; I will never act against your ad­vice.” Chinnu thanked Deer and re­turned with her son to their


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