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1. Fa­ther of Ge­om­e­try? 2. Who is the In­dian who beat the

com­put­ers in math­e­mat­i­cal wiz­ardry? 3. Who was the first woman to reach

space? 4. In which field is Dr. V. Kurien fa­mous ? 5. Where is the great Vic­to­ria Desert

lo­cated? 6. What are the In­ter­na­tional lines drawn

on maps and globes called? 7. Who wrote the line; 'A thing of beauty is

a joy for­ever' ? 8. In which year was the Bat­tle of Plassey

fought? 9. Who pro­pounded the the­ory of eco­nomic drain of In­dia dur­ing Bri­tish Im­pe­ri­al­ism? 10. Name the Vi­jayana­gara ruler who wrote


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