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Kan­nan and Hari were brothers who al­ways fought with one another. Their mother was tired of their fights. Kan­nan was in the 5th stan­dard and Hari was in the 3rd. One day Hari’s teacher gave the class an as­sign­ment to make the na­tional flag in each one’s cre­ative way….as it was the month of Au­gust and she wanted the chil­dren to cel­e­brate In­de­pen­dence Day. She said she would give a prize to the best one. Hari went home all ex­cited as his mother would help him. When he reached home he did not find his mother but only his brother. He did not speak to him and kept guess­ing where his mother could have gone. Just then the tele­phone bell rang and Hari an­swered the call. It was mother. She said, “Dear, Grandma is not well so I am at her place and will re­turn only to­mor­row evening. Dad will take care of you and Kan­nan”. Hari was shocked and started cry­ing. He kept on weep­ing and Kan­nan could not bear to see him cry­ing. So he asked him, “What is it?” Hari said, “I have an as­sign­ment and mother is not at home. Who will help me?” and he sobbed. Kan­nan felt bad for his younger brother and thought for a while and said, “Ok, now stop cry­ing, I have a su­perb idea. Let us make a nat­u­ral flag.” Hari was sur­prised!! “What!! How is it pos­si­ble?” he asked. Kan­nan said, “We will go and pluck the saf­fron colour (marigold) flow­ers and white flow­ers (nandi­yarvat­tam) that we have in our gar­den. For green we will use the leaves and I know a house in our colony that has blue flow­ers (shanku­push­pam)”. Hari was puz­zled but he and Kan­nan quickly went and plucked the flow­ers and leaves. Kan­nan took out a chart pa­per and cut it neatly as per the ra­tio of the flag and they stuck the flow­ers ac­cord­ingly. The flag looked very beau­ti­ful. When dad re­turned home he was amazed to see the flag but was hap­pier when he saw both the brothers work­ing to­gether. He sug­gested that the flag should be neatly wrapped with a trans­par­ent plas­tic sheet and kept on the fridge. The next morn­ing Hari went to school with the flag and at the end of the day the teacher de­clared that of all the flags the best one was Hari’s flower flag. Hari got a won­der­ful lunch box as a gift. He went home and hugged Kan­nan. They had be­come the best loving brothers and mom was sur­prised to see the change in their be­hav­iour. The na­tional flag had united them. To cel­e­brate, all four of them de­cided to have a fam­ily out­ing in the evening.

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