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• Horse­shoe mag­net.

• Some wa­ter.

• Nee­dle

• Some sand

• A glass


1. Put the nee­dle inside the glass and fill the glass with some sand.

2. Place the horse­shoe mag­net on the walls of the glass.

3. Now re­peat the step us­ing wa­ter in­stead of the sand in the glass.

4. Try to take out the nee­dle out of the glass by pulling the mag­net up­wards.


When the glass is filled with wa­ter the nee­dle is at­tracted to the mag­net on the wall. It fol­lows the move­ment of the mag­net up the glass. But when the glass was filled with sand, it was not at­tracted to the mag­net.

What hap­pened:

This hap­pened be­cause of un­der­wa­ter mag­netism. The mag­netic force also works in wa­ter. If the side of the glass were made up of any mag­netic ma­te­rial, the nee­dle would still be drawn to the mag­net, but not with the same force. The rea­son be­ing, part of the mag­netic force would have been dis­solved by the outer walls of the glass.

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