fruit power- puz­zle

Active Kids - - Dr. Vinod Rao Ias - Across: Down: By: Anu­radha Krishnan

1. A red juicy fruit, of­ten con­sid­ered a veg­etable, has vi­ta­mins A and C. 4. It has a sweet-tart taste; has a dusty-white coat­ing when ripe. 7. Dried grape, used in cook­ing, bak­ing and brew­ing. 8. Juicy bunches, of­ten used in the mak­ing of wine. 11.The pulp of this fruit can be white or pink; con­tains lots of seeds. 14. The red seeds of this fruit are edi­ble; a fruit used in ayurvedic reme­dies. 2. The red fruit which fa­mously keeps the doc­tor away. 3. The cit­rus fruit whose name and colour are the same. 5. The king of fruits, grows

abun­dantly in sum­mer. 6. A yel­low-green fruit, of­ten used as an ex­am­ple for par­tic­u­lar hu­man body shape. 9. Called the fruit of the an­gels, it

has vi­ta­mins A, C and fi­bre. 10. The hard brown fruit, used in the

wor­ship of God(in the re­verse). 12. The el­lip­ti­cal yel­low fruit, used in

the spoon and ______ race. 13. A desert fruit.

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