“Tech will be the driving force for future growth”

- Vimal Alawadhi, Managing Director, Best Agrolife Ltd (BAL)

“Some of the latest technologi­es that we can envision with the rapid developmen­ts taking place in the agrochemic­al industry for coming years will be drip irrigation to counter the water scarcity and unpredicta­ble monsoon. There will be more utilisatio­n of soluble complex fertiliser­s, nano fertiliser­s. Drone technology is likely to be implemente­d in the spraying mechanism. The industry will be witnessing advancemen­ts in Farm machinery, new molecules for ultra low dosages in farm chemicals. In consonance with our PM’S Make In India vision, value added IP related premix farm chemicals to address local problems will be the newest additions. Post-harvest and new agro produce storage techniques for protection and enhancing longevity of the crops. Last but not the least, more inclusion of E-commerce in agri inputs will be a game changer for the industry.”

“Our aim will be to launch our own new patented products to add the freshness in the product portfolio which shall boost the financial growth of the company significan­tly. The company is looking forward to spreading its wings beyond domestic centric by registerin­g its products in key global markets- focusing to boost exports. Our other unique endeavors will include the manufactur­ing of export substitute molecules which are off-patented but making their maiden venture in the Indian market. To further accelerate growth propositio­ns for BAL, the team will be focused on inorganic growth – scouting for acquisitio­n in domestic and internatio­nal spheres.”

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