Agribazaar opens procuremen­t centres in Rajasthan


The export of guavas from India has witnessed growth of 260 per cent since 2013. Exports grew from $0.58 million in April-january 2013-14 to $2.09 million in April 2021-22. India’s export of fresh fruits has also witnessed considerab­le growth. Fresh grapes are the largest exported items among all fresh food categories. During 2020-21, the export value of fresh grapes was $314 million. Export of other fresh fruits stood at $302 million, fresh mangoes at $36 million and others (betel leaves and nuts) at $19 million. During 2020-21, fresh grapes and other fresh fruits accounted for 92 per cent of India’s total export of fresh fruits. India’s major export destinatio­ns of fresh fruits during 2020-21 were Bangladesh ($126.6 million), the Netherland­s ($117.56 million), the UAE ($100.68 million), the UK ($44.37 million), Nepal ($33.15 million), Iran ($32.54 million), Russia ($32.32 million), Saudi Arabia ($24.79 million), Oman ($22.31 million) and Qatar ($16.58 million). The top ten countries accounted for 82 per cent of India’s export of fresh fruits in 2020-21.

In a move to enable digital access to a wider marketplac­e for farmers, agribazaar has opened new farmer and procuremen­t centres in Dayra Kota, Tarela Bundi, Baran, Samraniya, Genta, Nahargarh, Dei, Nainwa and Karwar in Rajasthan. The average warehousin­g capacity is 10,000 MT and 20 FPOS are part of the network that will trade wheat, mustard, soybean, paddy, maize and chana. Farmers can benefit as there is immediate trade settlement, near to zero mandi expenses, payments within a few hours of trade settlement and direct price negotiatio­n with the buyers, whereas millers have benefited as there is complete transparen­cy on stock bought and the stock showed (reconcilia­tion of kaccha parcha and physical stock), bidding from the buyer and not the purchaser and zero freight for storage of goods in a godown.

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