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Novem­ber 2017 is go­ing to favour great fun­da­men­tal re­flec­tion for you, my dear Sagit­tar­ian friends. You will find it easy to see and un­der­stand things that are hid­den or be­hind the scenes, which will ex­plain a lot, where your re­la­tion­ships are con­cerned. You don’t like lies and will have a knack of un­mask­ing them in­tu­itively, but also of un­der­stand­ing the rea­sons that push peo­ple into be­hav­ing in this way. Saturn will still be your ally this month, which will be of con­sid­er­able help dur­ing the first three weeks, in car­ry­ing out and fi­nal­is­ing de­fin­i­tive re­views with­out com­punc­tion. Your re­la­tion­ships will be mo­men­tous, which will awaken in you a need to re­treat, take a step back and be alone. How­ever, this will only be tem­po­rary, as the ar­rival of the Sun in your con­stel­la­tion will take you into a com­pletely new cy­cle. This new be­gin­ning will in­volve you push­ing your­self for­ward by mak­ing new and ma­ture life choices. Mer­cury’s tran­sit through your con­stel­la­tion from Novem­ber 6th, will lay em­pha­sis on an in­tense but pro­duc­tive pace at work.

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