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the sug­ar­cane and paddy har­vest sea­son was round the cor­ner, and fields packed of full grown sug­ar­cane and rice crop, the pug­marks could not be traced for a longer dis­tance.

The death of Govindi Devi re­sulted in frayed tem­pers in the vil­lagers.

Ini­tially, the for­est depart­ment took it as a chance en­counter but be­fore the sit­u­a­tion could have been an­a­lyzed, another in­ci­dent was re­ported on 12th Septem­ber 2016 from the ad­join­ing Go­rakh­pur vil­lage. This time the vic­tim was Paramjit Singh. The dead body of young Paramjit was still hold­ing on the sickle which had some Tiger hair sig­ni­fy­ing that he could give a blow be­fore fall­ing to the Jaws of death.

This killing was how­ever im­por­tant from the point of view of au­thor­i­ties… This in­ci­dent made it clear that the ac­cused was ac­tu­ally a ti­gress and not a leop­ard. Though, ti­gress was not re­ported on the scene, it was only her pug­marks which later be­came the ev­i­dence for the au­thor­i­ties.

The fear had em­braced the vil­lages neigh­bor­ing Dhela range of the Cor­bett Na­tional Park. Ag­i­tated vil­lagers had started mak­ing things dif­fi­cult for the au­thor­i­ties. They car­ried out Protests and Agi­ta­tions in the en­tire area.

Soon af­ter the sec­ond in­ci­dent, the for­est depart­ment geared it­self for ac­tion. Cage and cam­era traps were in­stalled, a team of for­est guards were de­ployed in the re­gion and mem­bers of Rai Sikh com­mu­nity (trained in trac­ing blue bulls and other an­i­mals) were also in­cluded in the op­er­a­tion. Trained ele­phants from Cor­bett started pa­trolling the area … but the killer re­mained an enigma, and seemed

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