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With sev­eral plan­ets in the sym­bolic area of your work ac­tiv­i­ties, this year will get off to a fly­ing start for you, in this re­gard. With the Sun in square aspect to Uranus, who will still be in your sign, you will have to face ten­sion, stress­ful sit­u­a­tions and the un­ex­pected, which will put your nerves to the test. It won’t be rest­ful at all. You will be over­loaded with work, but your ef­forts should pay off, with a pos­i­tive im­pact on the state of your in­come. Faced with th­ese chal­lenges, you will demon­strate a cre­ative mind and a knack for do­ing the right thing. You will be able to fall back on a lu­cra­tive abil­ity to adapt to cir­cum­stances, as well as de­velop a strate­gic view of the sit­u­a­tions that arise. Be care­ful, how­ever, not to take things too far and make sure you fac­tor in pe­ri­ods of rest, or you could be sur­prised by sud­denly feel­ing at a low ebb. As long as you fol­low a healthy life­style, this Jan­uary could of­fer you some great op­por­tu­ni­ties, which will be con­struc­tive for your achieve­ment at work.

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