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Ooch! The op­po­si­tion will be hard and you won’t un­der­stand what’s hap­pen­ing to you. Be vig­i­lant where con­tracts are con­cerned and read the small print at the bot­tom, es­pe­cially as you will find it hard to ex­press your­self at the mo­ment and will pre­fer to ob­serve rather than ini­ti­at­ing ac­tion. This will be as good a choice as any. You will have re­alised that cau­tion will be re­quired and you will pro­tect your­self for every­one and ev­ery­thing, guided by your in­stinct for sur­vival. Don’t be on the de­fen­sive or you could miss some op­por­tu­ni­ties. Vig­i­lance won’t mean with­draw­ing into your­self. You will still have those around you, who will be trust­wor­thy and able to be counted upon, even in dif­fi­culty. This pe­riod will en­able you to eval­u­ate all your abil­i­ties and know how to “turn lead into gold”. You will be for­tu­nate enough to see the pos­i­tive fall-out. Mars will give you the en­ergy to act on the in­er­tia hold­ing back your ev­ery­day life. Though you will feel that you are able to move moun­tains, don’t pre­judge your strength in ad­vance or you

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