(18 FE­BRU­ARY — 20 MARCH)

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This month, your great strength will be hav­ing an in­fal­li­ble guid­ing in­stinct. You will say what you are do­ing and do what you say. At the same time, your heart and thoughts will be work­ing to­gether. In ad­di­tion, you also have a gift for sens­ing the way the wind is blow­ing. You will be able to bet on the time when you will be able to make your en­ter­prises bear fruit. If you de­cide to set up a new life, you will start out un­der great aus­pices. The plan­ets in Wa­ter signs will en­able your en­ergy to cir­cu­late and you will surf along on the crest of the wave. In re­al­ity, you will be har­vest­ing the fruits of past ef­forts, be­cause you will have known how to ques­tion things. You will have ac­cepted the need for sac­ri­fice, which will have some­times been forced by cir­cum­stance. You will have taken a step back from cer­tain sit­u­a­tions and now be able to move on to other things. You should rely on your ne­go­ti­at­ing skills to ac­ti­vate any­thing that needs it. You will have great chances of rapid suc­cess and strik­ing hard. In the event of the re­turn of some­one or iden­ti­cal cir­cum­stances in your life, be ob­ser­vant and bring things down to their true value. You will know what needs to be done when the time comes. On the 14th, you will op­er­ate ac­cord­ing to your in­spi­ra­tion.

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