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What Causes the Friction

That Goes on in the Mind?


What is the mind? It is the ready stock brought from the last life. It is exactly what was yours in the last life. Based on the circumstan­ces you faced at that time, faith set in accordingl­y. This worldly life is an evolutiona­ry path. On that path, matter-space-time-intent are continuous­ly changing. It is a path, so if you were on the eleventh mile in your last life and you saw a dessert, then you thought, ‘If I had a room to live in, it would suffice. Even if the roof were made of metal sheets, it would do.’ Then you decided, ‘If I had some income, it would suffice, as long as the expenses were covered.’ So you decided on this.

And now you have come here to the sixteenth mile. Everything is available in abundance here, everything that you need. You see people enjoying here. But you have brought with you that which you had asked for in the past life, and based on today’s knowledge you feel, ‘I should enjoy.’ However, you only have one room. You got what you had asked for. So you wonder why you got this. It bothers you. So you get things based on what you had decided. And based on the new knowledge, you decide on new things. So, there is friction between the new knowledge and the old knowledge. There is friction between the faith you previously had and the faith you now have. And this is what we call the restlessne­ss of the mind!

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