Heart for hir­ing & love for sale

Alive - - Contents - by Dr N.R. Cha­ganti

It is easy for a man to fall in trap laid by a volup­tuous woman.

It was around 10 o’clock in the night. Anand was strolling on the ter­race look­ing at the pleas­ant and at­trac­tive sur­round­ings in his colony, rec­ol­lect­ing nostal­gic mem­o­ries of a decade ago when he worked in a small town in the same district.

His pen­sive mood was dis­turbed by the cell phone call. As he switched on the phone and said ‘hullo’ he heard a very sweet, pleas­ant and melo­di­ous voice with which he was fa­mil­iar long ago but couldn’t recog­nise it im­me­di­ately.

“Could you guess me?” Came the sweet voice of a lady. “Oh, Rad­hika,” said Anand af­ter a lit­tle thought. “Thanks for your kind remembrance. That it­self re­veals how deeply you like me still,” said Rad­hika jovially. Her words gave Anand a happy sur­prise. A fa­mil­iar fe­male voice for a bach­e­lor in ter­ri­ble lone­li­ness is quite nat­u­rally a pleas­ant ex­pe­ri­ence.

Anand didn’t ex­pect that Rad­hika, who mar­ried about a decade ago and liv­ing with her hus­band and two daugh­ters, would re­mem­ber him long af­ter he was trans­ferred from her place. Dur­ing their con­ver­sa­tion he rec­ol­lected their last


*** ad­hika en­tered Anand’s cham­ber even with­out per­mis­sion with self­ac­quired in­ti­macy for an of­fi­cial pur­pose. In fact, the pur­pose of her visit was dif­fer­ent. Ow­ing to his ap­pre­ci­a­tion of her work she de­vel­oped in­ti­macy with Anand and, on that day, she be­came bold enough to in­di­rectly ex­press her in­ten­tion to marry him.

Ev­ery­thing was okay with the pro­posal but the caste dif­fer­ence be­tween them dis­cour­aged Anand to pro­ceed fur­ther in the mat­ter as it might lead to com­pli­ca­tions in the fu­ture.

“So­ci­ety has not ad­vanced to the ex­tent of ap­pre­ci­at­ing our mat­ri­mo­nial union, how­so­ever strong our feel­ings may be for each other” were the last words Anand had spo­ken to her when they parted last af­ter his trans­fer from her place. He, how­ever, had a soft cor­ner for her as she ex­pressed her sin­cere love for him.


You are still a bach­e­lor as if wait­ing for me. Take me for your wife. I still have you in my mind,” said Rad­hika.

It was im­pos­si­ble to be­lieve that a mar­ried woman and the mother of two daugh­ters would so dearly love an­other man as ar­dently as she might have loved him be­fore her mar­riage with some­one else. It was how­ever a mat­ter of an un­usu­ally happy sur­prise for him that Rad­hika still had the same feel­ing for him.

He, how­ever, sought her com­pany as he was ex­pe­ri­enc­ing in­tol­er­a­ble and tor­tur­ous lone­li­ness in which his con­scious­ness shiv­ered with con­fu­sion, ten­sion and a state of men­tal chaos. He was ea­ger to come out of the cold, un­fath­omable, life­less abyss of lone­li­ness due to his con­tin­ued celibacy at 45. He didn’t hes­i­tate a sec­ond to give his green sig­nal to her pro­posal.

The week days were over, Anand again re­ceived a phone call from Rad­hika in the wee hours of the day. The mo­ment he found Rad­hika’s num­ber he was over­joyed. “Hullo!” said Anand. “Why don’t you visit my place, I mean, your old sta­tion? Let’s meet once as I have lot of things to speak to you,” said Rad­hika.

“Yes, I will def­i­nitely come next Sun­day,” said Anand.

“Please call me over the phone be­fore you reach my place so that I could give you the clear­ance af­ter my hus­band has leaves the house,” said Rad­hika rather as a pre­cau­tion.

Anand alighted from the bus and swiv­elled his head around to en­sure that he was not recog­nised by any pre­vi­ously fa­mil­iar per­son. He slowly reached Rad­hika’s house. He reached her res­i­dence with plea­sure and joy to see her who was ea­gerly wait­ing for him and to have a sump­tu­ous din­ner pre­pared by her. She still had a re­laxed, easy-go­ing at­ti­tude that she had when she was hardly 18. It was a dif­fer­ent day for


“Has any­body seen you on the way?” asked

Rad­hika as Anand en­tered her house.

“No. There is only one mad­man, al­ways ob­sessed with talk­ing to some­one over a cell phone who threw a look at me,” said Anand.

“Don’t bother about him. He was frus­trated with life af­ter her lady love de­ceived him,” said Rad­hika, tak­ing steps along with Anand into her bed­room.

It was 10 o’clock in the night. Rad­hika snug­gled close to Anand on the bed with­out any qualms that a mar­ried woman with chil­dren gen­er­ally has in the pres­ence of an alien. Anand felt that she was em­i­nently suited to pro­vide a good com­pan­ion to fill his leisure mo­ments when­ever he wanted re­lax­ation from the dirty drab of rou­tine of his job.

But Anand nei­ther had the courage needed to touch the skin of a

mar­ried woman, nor could he ask Rad­hika to seek a di­vorce from her hus­band since di­vorce was still an alien con­cept for ortho­dox

In­di­ans. Anand was per­plexed as to what to do.

“I can of­fer you suf­fi­cient money, set­tle you in an ex­pen­sive apart­ment but can­not ask you to di­vorce your hus­band, and marry me. Nor can I marry you at this age when you are al­ready the mother of two chil­dren.

Then what is the fun of our com­ing so close?” said Anand frankly.

Rad­hika smiled look­ing deep into his eyes.

“You are still hes­i­tat­ing to touch me? Why you think it is a sin? Sex with mu­tual con­sent is uni­ver­sally ac­cepted,” said Rad­hika giv­ing

Anand the courage to en­joy phys­i­cal union with her. Anand was non­plussed.

Anand was some­how re­luc­tant to en­joy car­nal plea­sure with her since tra­di­tion did not al­low a man in the In­dian so­ci­ety even to keenly look at an­other man’s wife. He was born and brought up in a tra­di­tional fam­ily in which the boys are not al­lowed even to joke with cousins from whom they are ex­pected to main­tain a dis­tance.

As such he could not think of sex­ual joy with her. A wife, ac­cord­ing to Anand’s opin­ion is not a mov­ing mass of flesh, me­chan­i­cally per­form­ing cer­tain func­tions like sa­ti­at­ing his hunger with food dur­ing the day and grat­i­fy­ing hus­band’s car­nal de­sire dur­ing night; a wife is an in­te­gral and in­sep­a­ra­ble part of his physique, his mind as well as his thoughts.

With such thoughts in mind Anand could not im­me­di­ately ac­cept her in sex. In or­der to di­vert her at­ten­tion for some time he en­tered into a con­ver­sa­tion with her.

“How are your terms and re­la­tions with your hus­band?” asked Anand.

“He de­rives plea­sure from phys­i­cally tor­tur­ing me. Though I am very keen to di­vorce such a sadist, I could not re­sort to the ex­treme step since di­vorce is still a new and un­ac­cept­able idea in our so­ci­ety. I have to dis­charge my re­spon­si­bil­i­ties to­wards my chil­dren. No­body comes for­ward to marry the daugh­ters of a di­vorced woman. I have to spend life with my hus­band though re­luc­tantly for the sake of my daugh­ters. The only thing I de­sire from you is a per­ma­nent so­lace in your clasp, your warm and ten­der love and your ex­cep­tion­ally cour­te­ous treat­ment,”

said Rad­hika tears rolling down her rosy cheeks.

Anand took a ker­chief and wiped tears on her cheeks in a man­ner of con­sol­ing her.

As Anand re­mained silent Rad­hika went on: “I am in fact quite re­luc­tant to marry him. He is an un­qual­i­fied boy hail­ing from a poor fam­ily while I am a post­grad­u­ate from a mid­dle-class fam­ily. But a job in gov­ern­ment, how­ever small it might be, was re­garded as a qual­i­fi­ca­tion for mar­riage ir­re­spec­tive of other rea­sons in those days when unem­ploy­ment was so se­vere and the pri­vate sec­tor had not de­vel­oped to the ex­tent it was to­day. Love and mar­riage can­not hap­pen with the same per­son. So I mar­ried a poorly ed­u­cated sadist and last­grade em­ployee in the gov­ern­ment but can­not love him sin­cerely. I love you but un­for­tu­nately could not ex­press my love for you at that time be­cause of the wide gulf be­tween our so­cial sta­tuses. But on that ac­count how can I sup­press my in­tense de­sire to share my happy mo­ments with you? So I took the bold de­ci­sion,” said a jovial Rad­hika.

Rad­hika slowly re­moved her blouse, brassiere and her six-yard long sari and flung them on a cor­ner of the cot in a dis­or­derly fash­ion as if to pro­voke Anand for

en­joy­ing sex with her. As she ap­proached Anand she loos­ened the knot of the pet­ti­coat and let it slip down on the floor. There was hardly any lin­gerie left on her per­son. She threw it aside with her legs and flung her hands round Anand’s neck and warmly ca­ressed his lips with hers.

For the first time in his life, Anand saw the com­plete anatomy of a volup­tuous, lusty woman stand­ing be­fore him with­out a stitch of cloth on her per­son. Her mus­cles were over­laid with a layer of soft fat; her thighs were fresh and sup­ple like the trunk of a ba­nana tree; her per­fect large breasts, which seemed to have never been touched by her hus­band, were like the im­pos­si­bly ide­alised por­tray­als of the fe­male form in books on sex and graphic fic­tion. Her lips were like ker­nel of a co­conut.

It was no doubt a feast to the eyes of Anand. ‘Am I look­ing at a liv­ing woman, the wife of some­one else or a man­nequin in a dress­maker’s shop?’ he ques­tioned him­self. When Anand was he­si­tant to touch her, she sud­denly sprang up and tightly clung to him. Anand was shocked at her in­fi­delity.

‘Even mar­ried women hes­i­tate to ap­pear in full­frontal nu­dity be­fore their hus­bands even in to­tal dark­ness. Con­trary to it, how dare she was to dis­play her sex­ual vigour be­fore a stranger how­ever ar­dently she might have loved me?’ felt Anand. To ac­cept her in sex or not – that was the ques­tion.

As he ob­served her anatomy keenly he could grasp that there was no sat­is­fac­tory grat­i­fi­ca­tion of car­nal de­sire be­tween her and her hus­band all th­ese years.

“Why you are silent?” said Rad­hika, break­ing the si­lence.

“What to say? I am un­able to say any­thing ex­cept to ac­cept what you say and do,” said Anand.

Though he sim­ply re­sponded to her move­ments he was haunted by an in­ner fear that he was com­mit­ting a sin.

“Anand! Shall I say one truth?” whis­pered Rad­hika in Anand’s ears. “Yes.” “Ev­ery­one in this world can­not have ev­ery­thing that one de­sires. You need sex­ual joy to set your mind free from ten­sion out of your dirty drab rou­tine as a re­spon­si­ble of­fi­cer. And I need the warm love and so­lace in the clasp of a cul­tured and civilised man who makes me for­get my sadist hus­band. Each of us can give what the other needs. Life af­ter all is a com­pro­mise with cir­cum­stances. We are util­is­ing the op­por­tu­nity that has come our way to please each other. What is wrong in it?” said Rad­hika with ex­tra­or­di­nary men­tal ma­tu­rity, giv­ing Anand much as­ton­ish­ment.

Though Anand was ini­tially quite re­luc­tant to her pro­posal, her temp­ta­tion had be­come so strong that he could no longer con­trol him­self and had fi­nally yielded to her temp­ta­tion. They grad­u­ally reached clo­sure and tightly locked into each other’s close clasp. Anand was highly de­lighted when she en­cour­aged him to nuz­zle into her bo­som re­peat­edly.

The night went off un­usu­ally well. As the day dawned Anand felt a rare light­ness of heart and he was to­tally trans­mo­gri­fied by a joy that words in any lan­guage could not ex­press. He ex­pe­ri­enced a joy that he missed for more than two decades of his life in tor­tur­ous celibacy. Ab­sence of fe­male com­pan­ion­ship and the love of an un­der­stand­ing comely wife cre­ated in his life per­ver­sion, trep­i­da­tion, frus­tra­tion that re­sulted in de­pres­sion of mind and ha­tred to­wards life lead­ing to the very thought of sui­cide.

At that crit­i­cal hour, Rad­hika en­tered his life and gave him a great re­lief and made his life mean­ing­ful. Rad­hika found Anand in a se­ri­ous mood.

“What are you so se­ri­ously think­ing? Grat­i­fi­ca­tion of phys­i­cal lust is a nat­u­ral thing that none needs re­gret. Each of us has done jus­tice to the other. If you tor­ment you mind with un­nec­es­sary think­ing about it you will be do­ing more in­jus­tice to your­self,” Rad­hika con­tin­ued af­ter a brief pause: “Had we been mar­ried ours would have been not merely the union of a man and a woman but the per­fect union of the fem­i­nine grace and the vir­ile power of man,” Rad­hika smiled pleas­ingly at Anand.

Anand’s joy was lifted to an am­pler air.

Rad­hika went on: “I feel it is my plea­sure and priv­i­lege to be with you through­out life, through all the vi­cis­si­tudes of your life, shar­ing your joys and suf­fer­ings. I am yours for­ever. By that, I don’t mean that I will di­vorce my hus­band and ask you to marry me in pub­lic view. Mar­riage is a purely pri­vate af­fair be­tween a man and a woman who are will­ing to live to­gether to achieve a unique hap­pi­ness which nei­ther can achieve in iso­la­tion. Mar­riage

need not be a ghastly pub­lic con­fes­sion,” said Rad­hika much to the de­light of Anand.

“If your hus­band finds us in this state, will he not sulk?” Anand ex­pressed his trep­i­da­tion over the pos­si­ble con­se­quences of his il­licit con­tact with a mar­ried woman like Rad­hika when it would be de­tected by her fam­ily mem­bers.

“Don’t worry. He leaves for of­fice early in the morn­ing and reaches home af­ter 10 o’clock in the night in an ine­bri­ated con­di­tion. He will have night du­ties thrice in a week. My chil­dren play in the next room and can­not un­der­stand what we do. We can hap­pily en­joy life as we please. Do not mis­take that I have de­gen­er­ated to the level of de­vel­op­ing il­licit con­tact with an­other man. Mar­ried life with­out love is equal to pros­ti­tu­tion. Sex with a sin­cere lover is sa­cred though they are not mar­ried. Hence I took the de­ci­sion,” Rad­hika de­scribed the mis­ery of her mar­ried life, tears welling up in her eyes.

“So you have de­cided to be my mis­tress life­long?” asked Anand.

“Not mis­tress. Take it for granted that I am your dear­est wife, your life part­ner. We are bound by sin­cere love,” as­serted Rad­hika.

Since that event, Anand was so com­pletely be­sot­ted with Rad­hika that he was to­tally ob­sessed with thoughts about her and noth­ing else in his mind. Em­bold­ened by the courage Rad­hika gave him, Anand be­gan to visit her place when­ever he re­ceived a call from Rad­hika.

When­ever Anand would visit Rad­hika’s town, he would first wait for a few min­utes in the bus shel­ter and, only af­ter get­ting a green sig­nal from her over phone that her hus­band had left the house, would he reach her house and sneak into her bed­room through the door kept ajar. And af­ter fin­ish­ing the busi­ness he would re­trace his steps to the bus stop with the same care and cau­tion.

Rad­hika, too, took all pre­cau­tions to hide their af­fair from her hus­band’s eyes and en­sured that no­body in the neigh­bour­hood would get the slight­est hint of his fre­quent vis­its to her house. Now it had be­come a rou­tine af­fair for them.

Anand’s un­bri­dled pas­sion for Rad­hika strength­ened day by day.

“Ours is not sex­ual ag­gres­sion but gen­uine pas­sion of love that binds two souls to­gether,” whis­pered Rad­hika in the ears of

Anand. And she went on: “The ethics that pro­mote hu­man hap­pi­ness most are the ethics worth ob­serv­ing. The rest are to be ig­nored. Our phys­i­cal union pro­motes our hap­pi­ness. We should not think of any­thing else,” said Rad­hika en­cour­ag­ing Anand to con­tinue sex with her.

“Of course what you said is no doubt true. But…,” said a he­si­tant Anand.

“There is no work­able sex­ual ethic. The ques­tion whether a code is good or not is to be judged by the an­swer for the ques­tion whether it pro­motes hu­man hap­pi­ness or not. Re­lax­ing the old moral code to suit our present cir­cum­stances is noth­ing wrong, par­tic­u­larly when it con­trib­utes to our hap­pi­ness,” said Rad­hika.

The next time Anand care­fully watched around to en­sure that he was not iden­ti­fied by any­body. There was no one ex­cept the same mad­man wear­ing a crip­pled torn off shirt with di­shev­elled hair, un­shaved mous­tache and haw­ing a squalid ap­pear­ance. His pants frayed com­pletely and slipped off his waist. He seemed to have taken a bath more than a month ago. His face re­vealed a squint.

He was al­ways ob­sessed with talk­ing over a cell­phone with some­one. He, how­ever, spoke flaw­less English with per­fectly mod­u­lated sen­tences which could not be brushed aside as gib­ber­ish talk but was full of mean­ing. Since there was no clear­ance from Rad­hika over the phone, Anand sat in the bus shel­ter lis­ten­ing to the mad­man.

“Hullo! Is my ex­pres­sion clear?” the mad­man went on, “Act­ing on the cel­lu­loid is not great but act­ing in real life is re­ally great... A teacher teaches her pupils that char­ac­ter is strength, but she teaches her­self that money is strength... There is noth­ing wrong if some­one de­ceives you since de­ceiv­ing oth­ers is an act of in­tel­li­gence, but to

be de­ceived is an act of fool­ish­ness... Why blame the pick­pocket for steal­ing your purse? You must scold your­self for your care­less­ness or neg­li­gence... Those who de­ceive oth­ers are par­doned if they re­pent their sin, but none can for­give a man who ru­ins him­self be­liev­ing in the fidelity of an in­fi­del woman... Am I clear?”

His talk in­di­cated that he was frus­trated with some se­ri­ous fail­ure or dis­ap­point­ment in life.

The green sig­nal came from Rad­hika.

Now, Anand was as­sured of a happy leisure time with Rad­hika in her bed­room which was em­bel­lished like an earthly par­adise. Anand could grad­u­ally and eas­ily strut into her bed cham­ber with least fear of be­ing de­tected by any­one.

“As I see you ev­ery time a fresh foun­tain of hap­pi­ness springs from the depth of my heart and it is very dif­fi­cult to de­scribe it in words. I can only ex­pe­ri­ence it,” said Rad­hika, dur­ing one of their sub­se­quent ren­dezvoused.

Anand tried to please Rad­hika to the max­i­mum ex­tent his purse could af­ford. A happy pe­riod of three years went off peace­fully for them en­joy­ing car­nal plea­sures. Once Anand went as usual with a hand bag and placed it in her hands. She opened it and was sur­prised to see a huge bun­dle of cur­reny notes.

“What is this?” asked Rad­hika.

“I find it dif­fi­cult to fre­quently visit your house. I feel some kind of guilt. So, I raised a loan of fifty lakh ru­pees to pur­chase a com­fort­able apart­ment in the city where we can pass for a mar­ried cou­ple so that we can avoid a pos­si­ble risk of de­tec­tion of our il­licit re­la­tion by some­body. I am likely to be trans­ferred on pro­mo­tion. I will come to the city wher­ever I find time and you can op­er­ate from that house for two or three days in a week,” said a jovial Anand.

“Oh, ex­cel­lent idea!” said Rad­hika. Anand re­turned to the city. Time rolled away fast. There was a long si­lence. When­ever Anand phoned her, Rad­hika did not re­spond. Anand made re­peated en­quiries about her, but no­body could give cor­rect in­for­ma­tion of her where­abouts. Anand was rather per­turbed as to what hap­pened to her. He en­ter­tained tor­tur­ous thoughts. He lost pa­tience. He could no longer wait.

One evening, he reached her place but hes­i­tated to go to her house as usual since the time was not suit­able for their ren­dezvous. Anand alighted from the bus and tele­phoned her, but he could not get a green sig­nal from Rad­hika as be­fore. He sat on a bench in the bus shel­ter to wait till he was as­sured that Rad­hika was alone in her house. The frowsy mad­man was there as usual, speak­ing to some­one over phone.

The mad­man threw an in­sin­u­at­ing smile at Anand and went on with his talk in his usual way over the cell­phone: “Please take my ad­vice se­ri­ously. Your re­la­tions with her will be joy­ful as long as you could take her in ex­pen­sive cars, fly in costly flights, pur­chase a lux­u­ri­ous house, and pro­vide a flashy life­style to en­joy with your earn­ings. Un­less you have loads of in­her­ited wealth or could earn it, happy union with her is not pos­si­ble. Isn’t it?” said the mad­man. Anand didn’t pay much at­ten­tion to him.

The time ar­rived for their usual meet­ing. Anand slowly reached Rad­hika’s house. As usual Anand opened the gate and took steps to the first floor. As he was about to knock the door to en­ter her bed­room as usual when her sec­ond daugh­ter came out from the next room and stood across the door as if to pre­vent Anand from en­ter­ing Rad­hika’s bed­room.

“Is mummy in­side?” asked Anand.

“Yes, she is in­side. She se­ri­ously told me not to dis­turb her as the gen­tle­man in­side does not like any dis­tur­bance,” she said.

Anand ex­pe­ri­enced a sud­den jerk with in­tol­er­a­ble shock. He could not be­lieve his own ears. He how­ever tried to com­pose him­self and again started plead­ing with her.

“Mummy might have told you not to dis­turb her if any other per­son comes, but not me,” said Anand with ea­ger­ness writ large on his face for her re­ply.

“No. Mummy clearly told not to al­low you. If you want to see her, please wait down­stairs at the gate and come af­ter the In­nova car was left. Then I will ask mummy whether to al­low you in or not,” said Rad­hika’s daugh­ter.

Anand was jigged with jit­ters for a few min­utes. He couldn’t tol­er­ate what Rad­hika was do­ing al­though she was not his mar­ried wife. He again went up­stairs and pleaded with Rad­hika’s daugh­ter to call her mother say­ing that he had to con­vey an ur­gent mes­sage.

“If you dis­turb them now, un­cle will come out and beat you mer­ci­lessly as he did an­other vis­i­tor just be­fore you came,” said Rad­hika’s daugh­ter.

Anand re­ceived an un­ex­pected in­tol­er­a­ble shock that com­pletely up­set his mind. His face looked weary and agi­tated. He felt as if he had lost the most valu­able thing in life. His heart missed a beat. He rec­ol­lected what Rad­hika had once said: “Even re­ally mar­ried cou­ple will not have this kind of har­mony and amity be­tween them, I sup­pose.”

Anand could not con­trol the train of tor­tu­ous thoughts. He could now un­der­stand the rea­sons for Rad­hika’s long si­lence. He quiv­ered with ten­sion. ‘Rad­hika re­jected me? Is it a fact or night­mare?’ felt Anand. The world around him had be­come dark and des­o­late and he was un­able to see the ob­jects in front of his eyes even in the bright street lights.

Dis­traught with her spurn­ing him all of a sud­den and in a state of un­usual qualm, Anand was un­able to think of any­thing fur­ther. With a heavy heart and se­vere pang he slowly re­traced his steps to the bus shel­ter, with his face com­pletely soaked in sweat and heart beat­ing fast. He reached the bus shel­ter and de­cided to wait till he could meet Rad­hika and find the rea­sons for her spurn­ing him all of a sud­den.

The mad­man in squalid look was still there. As he found Anand re­turned so early he piti­fully snig­gered at him. Anand rec­ol­lected what he had talked ear­lier as it seemed quite rel­e­vant to his present state. ‘He might have faced a sit­u­a­tion sim­i­lar to what I have met with now,’ felt Anand. A minute later the mad­man re­sumed his talk over his cell­phone look­ing at a dis­tance.

“In­tense de­sire of a woman for power and pelf makes her de­gen­er­ate to any­thing to achieve her goal and re­sort to any crime for a lux­u­ri­ous life,” the mad­man con­tin­ued: “What I ex­pected three years ago to hap­pen, has hap­pened to­day. Hi... hi… hi…,” said the mad­man, laugh­ing loudly and look­ing at the sky.

In a to­tally dis­turbed state of mind Anand re­mained a silent lis­tener. Af­ter ob­serv­ing the sur­round­ings for a few sec­onds the mad­man con­tin­ued his talk in the cell­phone: “Are you shocked? It is quite com­mon. Leav­ing her old paramour in the lurch when she finds a wealth­ier one is not some­thing new to her... hi... hi... hi. Didn’t she evict me from her heart af­ter she re­duced me to penury? She could flit from part­ner to part­ner eas­ily. With ev­ery new paramour she be­comes a de­mure bride by pre­tence. Isn’t it an art?” the mad­man said laugh­ing loudly.

“Have you now learned life’s great­est les­son that you have sin­cerely loved her only for your to­tal de­struc­tion? Do you know why men mis­er­ably fail in life? They take love se­ri­ously and ca­reer lightly. It should be the ex­act re­verse if one wants to suc­ceed in life.”

Anand’s mind of was full of scor­pi­ons. He was en­messed in a neu­rotic mess. ‘Did I com­mit a mis­take in ac­cept­ing sex with a mar­ried woman? Or I mis­tak­enly took a call girl for a pi­ous lady?’ He be­gan to think se­ri­ously with­out find­ing an­swers. Anand was un­able to re­turn to the city with a rue­ful face in such a state of ter­ri­ble dis­ap­point­ment and shock.

His men­tal and phys­i­cal en­er­gies had com­pletely ex­hausted. He slowly took steps to­wards the nearby park and as he was about to sit on a ce­ment bench he felt the pres­ence of some­one com­ing be­hind him. He turned aside and found the mad­man talk­ing him.

“Oh, my dear friend! Don’t get dis­heart­ened,” the mad­man went on in his usual way in the cell­phone look­ing at the star-strewn sky. “She re­sumes her love for you and you can again spoon in the bed with her if you could prove that you pos­sess prop­erty more than your suc­ces­sor-paramour who is now in a tight sex lock with her be­hind the closed doors of her bed­room. Money is the cen­tre of all hu­man ac­tiv­ity. One can pur­chase love with money but no one can earn money with love. In the ab­sence of wealth, love is a waste of time, en­ergy and even of life. Her heart is a lux­u­ri­ous cham­ber that could be hired. Her love is a com­mod­ity that could be pur­chased. The longer you pay an ex­or­bi­tant rent the longer you can hire her heart and the big­ger the price you pay the bet­ter the qual­ity of her love for you,” the mad­man laughed me­chan­i­cally.

A lit­tle later, the scruffy mad­man slowly ap­proached Anand. Anand peered into his eyes for the first time with a ques­tion mark in his face try­ing to rec­ol­lect his pre­vi­ous fa­mil­iar­ity with him.

“Oh, dear friend!” said the mad­man. “You can drive your suc­ces­sor-paramour out of her heart if you fol­low my ad­vice,” said the mad­man. “Who are you?” said Anand in a fee­ble voice.

“Your pre­de­ces­sor-paramour of Rad­hika. Hi.. hi.. hi..”

The time ar­rived for their usual meet­ing. Anand slowly reached Rad­hikaʼs house. As usual Anand opened the gate and took steps to the first floor. As he was about to knock the door to en­ter her bed­room as usual when her sec­ond daugh­ter came out from the...

For the first time in his life, Anand saw the com­plete anatomy of a lusty woman stand­ing be­fore him with­out a stitch of cloth. Her mus­cles were over­laid with a layer of soft fat; her thighs were fresh and sup­ple like the trunk of a ba­nana tree; her...

He, how­ever, sought her com­pany as he was ex­pe­ri­enc­ing in­tol­er­a­ble and tor­tur­ous lone­li­ness in which his con­scious­ness shiv­ered with con­fu­sion, ten­sion and a state of men­tal chaos. He was ea­ger to come out of the cold, un­fath­omable, life­less abyss of...

Money is the cen­tre of all hu­man ac­tiv­ity. One can pur­chase love with money but no one can earn money with love. In the ab­sence of wealth, love is a waste of time, en­ergy and even of life. Her heart is a lux­u­ri­ous cham­ber that could be hired. Her love...

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