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But it seems it is man who cre­ated god in his im­age - greedy, power-hun­gry, dom­i­neer­ing and im­moral. And since time im­memo­rial, the pri­ests who claimed to be the agents of God, fooled peo­ple telling them they are there to dis­pense the bless­ing of God, of course for a price.

Lately, some of the agents of God thought ‘why be agents, why not pose as god him­self’; so they be­came god­men. Thus they as­sumed the godly power to give bless­ings and be above man-made laws and moral­ity. Such a man was Gurmeet Singh when he as­sumed the name of Ram Rahim, per­haps to be "sec­u­lar" so that he could get fol­low­ers from Hin­dus and Mus­lims. And he cre­ated a "state" within the state, with his own laws and ad­min­is­tra­tion called Sachcha Sauda in Haryana with mil­lions of fol­low­ers.

For the politi­cians, in power as well as in the Op­po­si­tion, men and women were counted merely as vot­ers and the god­man with a few mil­lion votes in his hand, was their es­sen­tial bene­fac­tor, de­spite his mis­deeds and law­less­ness. It is said Gurmeet Ram Rahim with his em­pire Sachcha Sauda was in­stru­men­tal in BJP win­ning Haryana and mak­ing Manohar Lal Khat­tar the chief min­is­ter. On 15 Au­gust, the Dera chief's 50th birth­day, two Haryana min­is­ters of­fered him a gift cheque of Rs 51 lakh. Now that the lion (Singh) is caged by the ef­forts of the courts and the CBI, sto­ries of Ram-Rahim's mis­deeds are galore in the me­dia. But a few facts are wor­thy of re­count­ing that en­abled the al­most im­pos­si­ble task of pun­ish­ing him.

First, the Courts. The High Court en­ter­tained the com­plaint of two women that they were raped by Gurmeet Singh. The Court en­trusted the CBI to in­ves­ti­gate the case. The CBI did lit­tle for 5 years but could not close the case be­cause of court's di­rec­tion. Then one hon­est in­ves­ti­ga­tor Mu­binja Narayanan started work in earnest, col­lected ev­i­dence against Gurmeet and filed the FIR, de­spite pres­sures from politi­cians and his se­niors in the CBI.

So it was the hon­esty and fear­less­ness of men in the CBI and ju­di­ciary that cul­mi­nated in the pun­ish­ment of the god­man. Then cir­cum­stances too did not favour him. If he were to re­main in­side his fortress of Sachcha Sauda, he could have been brought to jus­tice only af­ter an army raid as big as the one Prime Min­is­ter Indira Gandhi had or­dered on Akal Takht in Am­rit­sar, in which hun­dreds had died.

The les­son the politi­cians should learn from the in­ci­dent is that god­men should not be al­lowed to grow to be a 'state' within the state, to be­come a law unto them­selves.

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