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The BRICS (Brazil, Rus­sia, In­dia, China and South Africa) came down as a brick on the In­dia-China stand­off at Dok­lam, the tri­junc­tion of In­dia, Bhutan and China on the is­sue of Chi­nese ex­tend­ing their road into Bhutan ter­ri­tory. Dur­ing the 3 months con­fronta­tion, In­dian and Chi­nese sol­diers stood men­ac­ingly fac­ing each other with the 'war' lim­it­ing to fisticuffs and throw­ing stones. Mean­while, war-mon­gers on both sides con­tin­ued in­sti­gat­ing their gov­ern­ments to teach one another a les­son by go­ing to a full-scale war.

It was nec­es­sary both for In­dia and China to end the stand­off at Dok­lam be­fore the BRICS Sum­mit. How the two ma­jor mem­bers of the Or­gan­i­sa­tion could face each other with quar­relling on a mi­nor prob­lem of a few square kilo­me­tres of land, when they are sup­posed to the cham­pi­ons of peace? There­fore, they de­cided to end the con­fronta­tion by with­draw­ing; In­dian troops first from the area. It was re­solved by with­draw­ing troops and mu­tual trust to main­tain the sta­tus quo in Dok­lam. In fu­ture, any de­vel­op­ments by China in Dok­lam will cer­tainly be counted as a breach of the trust.

All this mess could have been avoided if the higher-ups of both In­dia and China had acted ear­lier. But lower rung lead­ers han­dled the is­sue. The In­dian Army crossed to Bhutan and pre­vented the Chi­nese to ex­tend their road at Dok­lam on the plea that a Chi­nese mil­i­tary con­cen­tra­tion there would be a threat to the nar­row strip of Silig­uri which con­nects main­land In­dia to its north­east­ern part. The con­fronta­tion cre­ated ten­sion to ig­nite pa­tri­otic sen­ti­ments and voice provoca­tive ver­bosity. The Chi­nese min­ions re­minded In­dia of 1962 when In­dia was trounced in the war. In­dian side re­tal­i­ated by say­ing 2017 is not 1962 and we were fully pre­pared to meet the en­emy.

The great sci­en­tist and fa­ther of the atom bomb, Al­bert Ein­stein was asked how World War III would be fought. He said he was not sure how WW III would be fought but "the world war af­ter the next will be fought with stones".

One is re­minded of Ein­stein's words when In­dian and Chi­nese sol­diers lim­it­ing their war to fisticuffs and throw­ing stones at one another. The fully armed sol­diers with loaded ri­fles slung on their shoul­ders did not shoot a sin­gle bul­let on the Line of Ac­tual Con­trol (LAC), whereas In­dian and Pak sol­diers shoot at each other and kill on the LOC!

It shows In­dia and China are good neigh­bours and there are no in­sol­u­ble prob­lems be­tween them to re­sort to another war. Prime Min­is­ter Naren­dra Modi and Pres­i­dent XI Jin­ping know this very well.

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