Women traf­fick­ing, not just about pros­ti­tu­tion!

Now il­le­gal skin trade is be­ing done se­cretly in In­dia for rich labs in cos­metic in­dus­try.

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Hu­man Traf­fick­ing is re­garded as a kind of in­ter­na­tional ter­ror­ism. It is the sec­ond largest crime in the world after drugs and arms traf­fick­ing. Women are be­ing traf­ficked from coun­tries like Nepal and ar­eas like West Ben­gal and Bi­har in In­dia among oth­ers, or­gan traf­fick­ing is yet an­other aspect of this trade.

The women of Nepalese vil­lages are of­ten promised a chance to up­lift their fam­i­lies from a life of mar­ginal sub­sis­tence. How­ever, chil­dren as young as nine are ul­ti­mately sold and traf­ficked across the Indo-Nepal border for a life of bru­tal sex­ual and phys­i­cal ex­ploita­tion.

The FBI es­ti­mates that al­most 700,000 girls and young women from Nepal pass into In­dia as vic­tims of sex­ual traf­fick­ing. UNICEF, how­ever, says that this num­ber could be close to 1.7 mil­lion. Due to this, in some of the vil­lages of Nepal, there are re­port­edly few to no girls be­tween the ages of 11-20 years.

Does ex­ploita­tion due to poverty and in­equal­ity has no end?

What has re­cently come out is that it was never only about sex and pros­ti­tu­tion. It is way more than that.

Sell­ing of hu­man tis­sue, rather say, Skin Trad­ing!!! Ever heard of women be­ing skinned alive? I se­ri­ously get goose­bumps when­ever I think of it. I never imag­ined some­thing as grue­some as this could ever take place un­til I stum­bled upon an ar­ti­cle pub­lished on Youth

Ki Awaaz by Soma Basu. Skin trade came into light with an in­ves­ti­ga­tion car­ried out by an In­dian jour­nal­ist Soma Basu of

Youth Ki Awaaz who gath­ered all the nec­es­sary in­for­ma­tion to find out whether skin trade in In­dia and Nepal ex­ists and what she ac­tu­ally found out was re­ally scary. Soma is the one who has ex­posed this racket. The in­ves­ti­ga­tion re­ports that traf­fick­ers tar­get fair-skinned women from vil­lages in Nepal to meet huge de­mand in In­dia.

Rapid growth

The trade has be­come so lu­cra­tive that many peo­ple have rapidly joined the net­work and is grow­ing in­tensely. The broth­els in Mumbai have ac­tu­ally be­come skin fac­to­ries cater­ing to this ris­ing de­mand and the women who are skinned are afraid to com­plain as they have seen other women be­ing tor­tured to an ex­tent that we just can’t imag­ine.

The most sur­pris­ing fact about this skin trade is that the skin tis­sues are ex­tracted from the women’s bod­ies with­out they be­ing aware of it!

The skin is re­moved by se­dat­ing women and the skin tis­sue is re­moved from their backs and limbs, they are of­ten tied to the beds in or­der to make them think that the client might have done it as some clients have weird fetishes. These women are just not aware that they have been stripped off their ba­sic hu­man rights. The women who are not drugged, they are made to sign forms declar­ing that their skin do­na­tion is vol­un­tary: a state­ment that negates the sys­tem­atic op­pres­sion and vi­o­la­tion of free­dom, which many of these women are sub­ject to.

The skin tis­sue is sold to pathol­ogy labs in In­dia for around Rs 50,000 to one lakh for around 100 square inches of skin. It is then ex­ported to the US-based

firms that man­u­fac­ture skin and tis­sue de­riv­a­tive for cos­metic surg­eries. The skin tis­sue is also used for lip aug­men­ta­tion and plas­tic surg­eries, ser­vices for which In­dia has be­come a grow­ing mar­ket. More­over, these skin tis­sues are largely be­ing used in pe­nis and breast en­large­ment.

While the global aes­thetic in­dus­try grows by leaps and bounds the poor women of the so­ci­ety con­tinue to re­ceive the raw end of the deal. Un­der the Nepalese Law, the sale or ex­port­ing of hu­man tis­sue is il­le­gal. But when has some­thing il­le­gal stopped any­one from do­ing it?

Govt’s com­ment

In re­sponse to a pub­lished report, The Nepalese Women, Child and So­cial Wel­fare Min­is­ter is­sued the fol­low­ing state­ment, “We will in­ves­ti­gate and if found to be cor­rect, the gov­ern­ment will make all ef­forts to stop this heinous crime and pu­n­ish the re­spon­si­ble.” En­sur­ing such ac­tion is a prom­ise that is cru­cial to keep in or­der for the ba­sic hu­man rights of these women to be up­held.

And the day passes by, in­hu­man tor­tures on these poor women in Nepal as well as in In­dia still con­tin­ues just to al­low rich peo­ple have the lux­ury of flaunt­ing their fair skin, fake breasts and penises and what not!

Hu­man traf­fick­ing from Nepal is a ram­pant prob­lem.

Skins taken with­out a con­sent.

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