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Amer­i­can Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump scolded Pak­istan most undiplo­mat­i­cally, as if the lat­ter was a do­mes­tic ser­vant of the US. He said his coun­try has “fool­ishly given Pak­istan more than 33 bil­lion dol­lars over the past 15 years and has got noth­ing in re­turn but lies and de­ceit. They give safe haven to ter­ror­ists we have been hunt­ing in Afghanistan”.

The His­tory of US-Pak re­la­tions are not as sim­ple as Trump now says. Pak­istan has been the US mil­i­tary base in the South West in the long years of US-Soviet Cold war.

As for ter­ror­ism, Pak­istan has been com­pelled to be a host to Is­lamic ex­trem­ism that is the mother of ter­ror­ism. Be­ing an Is­lamic coun­try, Pak­istan could not refuse to the Is­lamic fight­ers in Afghanistan such as Tal­iban and other ter­ror groups, though Pak­istan has been a vic­tim of ter­ror­ism. Of course Pak­istan gave fa­cil­i­ties to the ter­ror­ists flee­ing from Afghanistan to cross over In­dia and kill In­di­ans. But the In­dian army made it dif­fi­cult for in­fil­tra­tion. And once ter­ror­ists, they have to kill if not Hin­dus, Mus­lims of other sects than theirs. Thus Shiyas, Ah­madiyas and along with many other Pak­ista­nis be­come the vic­tims of Sunni ex­trem­ist ter­ror­ism. In fact, more Pak­ista­nis have died at the hands of ter­ror­ists than In­di­ans.

Pak­istan gov­ern­ment, when it has been a civil, seem­ingly demo­cratic gov­ern­ment, was al­ways un­der pres­sure from var­i­ous forces the US that funded it, Pak army, the Is­lamic ex­trem­ists that threat­ened it and the ter­ror­ists who can’t live with­out killing and spread de­struc­tion. All had to be ap­peased.

Cor­nered by Pres­i­dent Trump’s ful­mi­na­tions and if his threats were turned to ac­tions, Pak­istan could only lean to­wards China for sup­port. How­ever, the Chi­nese are not “fool­ish” as Trump re­alised US has been. China does not be­lieve in giv­ing doles to get an­other coun­try to come to its camp. It has fore­most its self-in­ter­est. China doesn’t give do­na­tions, but loans. Al­ready China has built a road from its ter­ri­tory to the Ara­bian Sea across the Hi­malayan val­ley and built a har­bour Gwadar in Pak­istan for easy trans­porta­tion of goods.

If US block its aid to Pak­istan, it will only af­fect its ex­port of so­phis­ti­cated weapons such as big guns and war planes to Pak­istan to be used against In­dia in a fu­ture war. But for the on­go­ing skir­mishes against In­dia, for spo­radic bor­der fir­ings and launch­ing ter­ror at­tacks, Pak­istan re­quired only ri­fles, grenades and or small arms it is ca­pa­ble of man­u­fac­tur­ing.

There­fore, In­dia need not be too ex­u­ber­ant at Trump’s re­buke of Pak­istan. Pak­istan could live with­out US aid trust­ing on Chi­nese sup­port in times of need.

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