Tech Moguls Chase Longevity?

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They made their money by har­ness­ing tech­nol­ogy to trans­form life. Now they want to use their wealth to ex­tend the lim­its of life.

Longevity is the new fron­tier for th­ese Sil­i­con Val­ley barons and they hope to again do what they do best, trans­form life as we know it and make a killing off it. A look at the lead­ing in­vestors:

Marc Zucker­berg: (Net worth: $56 bil­lion; Age: 33; Face­book co-founder)

With Google’s Sergey Brin, co-spon­sor $33 mil­lion Break­through Prize for Life Sci­ences for “cur­ing agere­lated dis­eases.”

“Most in­ter­ested in …..What will en­able us to live for­ever? How do we cure all dis­eases?” says Zucker­berg.

Larry El­li­son: (Net worth: $52.2 bil­lion; Age: 73; Or­a­cle co-founder)

The El­li­son Med­i­cal Foun­da­tion has spent $430 mil­lion since 1997 on mostly “anti-age­ing re­search.” “Death has never made any sense to me. How can a per­son be there and then just van­ish, just not be there,” says El­li­son

Larry Page: (Net worth: $40.7 bil­lion; Age: 44; Google co­founder, Cal­ico co-founder) Cal­ico, or Cal­i­for­nia Life Com­pany, is an “anti-age­ing re­search cen­tre” that’s got funds of $750 mil­lion from Google

Page has Hashimoto’s Thy­roidi­tis dis­ease, dan­ger­ous if un­treated. Anti-age­ing re­search could help him beat that.

Sergey Brin: (Net worth: 39.8 bil­lion; Age: 44; Google co­founder)

Per­sonal in­vest­ment of $150 mil­lion in firms re­search­ing DNA.

Hopes to some­day “cure death”

Brin hopes his in­vest­ments pay off, not least be­cause he car­ries a ge­netic mu­ta­tion that makes him vul­ner­a­ble to Parkin­son’s dis­ease

Page and Brin fund other biotech firms as well

Peter Thiel: (Net worth: $2.6 bil­lion; Age: 49; PayPal c0­founder, Face­book in­vestor) Has in­vested in “3D print­ing of or­gans, hu­man ge­nomics.” Holds stake in 14 health and biotech com­pa­nies work­ing on anti-age­ing.

“I want to live till at least 120,” says Thiel

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