Where the Milk Failed, Al­co­hol Suc­ceeded?

Alive - - Letters - — Ra­manand Sharma

He had passed his grad­u­a­tion in early nineties with dis­tinc­tion. By the time he had done his de­gree he had lost his fa­ther in an ac­ci­dent. The fa­ther had left him just a res­i­den­tial site in an up­com­ing lo­cal­ity. In spite of good merit in his de­gree, he could not get a job ei­ther. He had a mother and a sis­ter to take care of. Fed up of search­ing job, he

started a milk booth in his va­cant site for liveli­hood. Though ini­tially it did well, it could not sus­tain the com­pe­ti­tion and even­tu­ally he had to close down. Then he started a Cof­fee-Tea Bar. It ran for a month or two and could not with stand the new breed of tea stalls com­ing up in the lo­cal­ity. Like this he tried var­i­ous type of busi­ness and ended up in loss. Fi­nally when he was des­per­ate for liveli­hood, a close friend of him ad­vised him to ap­proach one par­tic­u­lar politi­cian of the area and take care of rel­e­vant bu­reau­cracy and start a Liquor Shop. With the help of va­cant site and the money raised on the same, he did just that.

It is just a decade or so since then. Now he is the owner/ part­ner of a cou­ple of liquor shops and restau­rants .... a house in a good lo­cal­ity...a high end car, mem­ber­ship in some pres­ti­gious club. His chil­dren are study­ing in pres­ti­gious pro­fes­sional col­leges. He re­mem­bers his friend of­ten who guided him to this busi­ness. But, a tee­to­taller he him­self, says that some­where in the heart his busi­ness pinches his con­science and rues that his life is built on liquor, the so­cial evil of the so­ci­ety. If Ma­hatma Gandhi were alive today, he would be turn­ing in his grave on see­ing the power of liquor, which he fought through­out his life and some­time pre­ferred liquor ban to in­de­pen­dence. Can there be a bet­ter ex­am­ple to tell the world "Where the Milk Failed, Al­co­hol suc­ceeded.

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