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The com­puter is a great com­pan­ion of the old man. Of course old man in­cludes old woman also. When I re­tired from ser­vice ten years ago one of the first things I did was to set up a com­puter and use it for writ­ing ar­ti­cles. Within a short time I learnt to make use of the com­puter to send and re­ceive e-mail mes­sages. I would like to strongly rec­om­mend peo­ple who are go­ing to re­tire to get a com­puter soon. In fact, if pos­si­ble they can opt for the com­puter when col­leagues in of­fices of­fer a ‘me­mento’ as a part­ing gift to their col­league who is go­ing to re­tire.

I would also like to sug­gest that a ba­sic course in com­put­ers be given to peo­ple who are go­ing to re­tire. Nowa­days many in­sti­tu­tions are of­fer­ing what are known as ‘Re­tire­ment Cour­ses’ to re­tir­ing em­ploy­ees in or­der to pre­pare them for the big change in their lives. Will it not be a good idea to give them an idea about mak­ing use of the com­puter?

In any case I would like to men­tion that us­ing a com­puter for sim­ple things like writ­ing ar­ti­cles or send­ing and re­ceiv­ing e-mail mes­sages is not at all dif­fi­cult. It is child’s play. Any­body can learn this within a short time. I am able to say this be­cause I have learnt it af­ter my re­tire­ment with­out any pre­vi­ous com­puter background.

You can learn to use the com­puter from your chil­dren. Your grown up chil­dren may say they are busy but you can de­pend on the younger kids in the fam­ily.

I am able to spend a good deal of my time in a very pleas­ant way with the help of my com­puter. I con­sider the com­puter not only my com­pan­ion but also a bless­ing.

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