For­bid­den places on Earth

But, they are very in­ter­est­ing to see.

Alive - - News - by Shakun­tala Sinha

There are some places on planet earth which are for­bid­den for vis­i­tors. Even though they might be quite ad­ven­tur­ous and in­ter­est­ing to see, we can’t visit them.

1 North Sen­tinel Is­land, An­daman Ni­co­bar - These is­lands in the In­dian Ocean are iso­lated from the rest of the world. It is es­ti­mated that less than 400 of tribal peo­ple are there who have never seen the out­side world. It is feared that can­ni­bal­ism might be still present there and they might be hos­tile to out­siders.

2 Area 51, The USA - It is lo­cated in south­ern Ne­vada, the USA. It is mainly used by the U S air force as test ground for weapons and air­crafts. The area is pro­hib­ited for public. It is said that it car­ries ex­per­i­ments on alien space­ships.


The Mor­mon Church, Utah the USA It has a se­cret vault. It con­tains nearly 3 bil­lion pages of data on his­tory of Amer­i­can fam­ily.


Dooms­day Vault

Nor­way - It is a global seed bank on an is­land in mid­dle of the Arc­tic. Seeds from dif­fer­ent parts of the world are stored here as standby in case of apoca­lypse, i.e. dooms­day. It is open only for spe­cial vis­i­tors on par­tic­u­lar days.


Vatican Ar­chives,

Vatican City, Italy - Some his­tor­i­cal doc­u­ments of 8th cen­tury are buried in the walls of Vatican. It is out of bounds for gen­eral public. Only Vatican of­fi­cials are al­lowed to ac­cess them.


Poveg­lia, Italy This place was used as a quar­an­tine on an Ital­ian is­land dur­ing the out­break of Bubonic Plague. It is feared that the place is haunted by ghosts of peo­ple who lost their lives there.


Snake Is­land, Brazil - It is an is­land in the At­lantic Ocean. It is home to en­dan­gered ven­omous Golden Lance­head Vipers. It was be­lieved to be home of some 430000 such vipers in the rain­forests area of this is­land. But present es­ti­mate of its pop­u­la­tion is be­lieved to be far less. This snake is on en­dan­gered list of UN species.


Las­caux Caves,

France - Ear­lier it was a pop­u­lar tourist des­ti­na­tion in France. But the caves have been closed for preser­va­tion.


Zone Rogue,

France - It means Red Zone in French. It is feared that large amount of un­ex­ploded am­mu­ni­tion of World War I might be still there. So it is un­safe for peo­ple to go there.


Her­ald Vol­cano,

Aus­tralia - It is an ac­tive vol­cano on an is­land in Aus­tralia. It is an ex­te­rior Aus­tralian ter­ri­tory on a bar­ren Antarc­ti­can is­land. Pos­si­bly it is the re­motest place on the earth.

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