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There’s a new party down at Fash­ion Ave., and you’re in­vited – dress code: head-to­toe prints.

Wel­come to the day and age where wear­ing clash­ing prints is in style. De­sign­ers and high fash­ion brands alike, in­jected un­apolo­get­i­cally bold and un­con­ven­tional print-pat­tern mashups within their col­lec­tions.

Con­trast­ing prints such as flo­rals along­side ab­stract geo­met­rics, Donatella’s news­pa­per print pair­ing along­side her clas­sic baroque pat­terns, graf­fiti in­spired pat­terns along­side six­ties mod art prints, and Valentino’s blar­ing lo­gos along­side neon cam­ou­flage, all state one thing when it comes to the prints of the sea­son – go all out or go home.

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