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The prints story had a lot to tell this sea­son as pat­terns and colours go­ing di­ver­gent like a can­vas of an artist came alive on the ramp. Shown im­ple­ment­ing ei­ther lay­er­ing of dif­fer­ent gar­ment pieces, or mix­ing and match­ing dif­fer­ently coloured up­pers and low­ers, or sim­ply stitch­ing to­gether dif­fer­ent print pan­els to make one en­sem­ble, the di­ver­sity of prints was end­less. Dis­simil­i­tude pat­terns like flo­rals were set against ge­o­met­ri­cal prints along­side en­sem­bles that showed com­ple­ment­ing lines with plaids and stripes. Dif­fer­ent-coloured flo­ral mo­tifs were the most re­cur­rent of this trend.

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