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Amit Aneja, Di­rec­tor – Raw Ma­te­rial, PVH (In­dia) Lim­ited

“We are work­ing more on clean looks that aren’t very loud in terms of de­struc­tion, etc., and also help in the upgra­da­tion of the fab­ric by en­abling a nice sheen over the fab­ric.

From the in­no­va­tion point of view, we are putting in a lot of re­search and study to­wards sus­tain­abil­ity at the wash level and also on the fab­ric level. We are achiev­ing this through foam dye­ing and by work­ing over the wash­ing process through laser.

In terms of tex­tures – a lot of dob­bies are com­ing up, and there is an ex­plo­ration of yarns – there are slubs, and a play of multi-coloured threads over denim.

We are do­ing less of ag­gres­sive washes. We play around the top­ping of the den­ims and at the same time use the same colour of the denim so that we can min­imise the wash process. For ex­am­ple, we take grey coloured denim and do the wash over it. The trend is more to­wards the sim­ple resin wash or 10-20 min­utes of softer wash.”

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