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Mr Gadia has been as­so­ci­ated with the Tex­tile and Ap­parel In­dus­try as a Man­u­fac­turer and Ex­porter of Tex­tiles and Ap­par­els through his fam­ily run Busi­ness, which has been run­ning for the last Three Gen­er­a­tions. The Com­pany un­der the brand name of ‘KLIX’ has a huge mar­ket base, and is suc­cess­fully sell­ing Ap­parel in both the Do­mes­tic & Ex­port Mar­kets. They have been awarded the Star Ex­port House sta­tus by Govt of In­dia. With a firm pres­ence in UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Ara­bia, Sri Lanka, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Morocco, Mus­cat, and In­dia, Klix is surely go­ing places un­der the keen busi­ness eye of Mr Gadia. Pas­sion­ate about all that is new, Mr Gadia is al­ways on the look out for Change and De­vel­op­ment.

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