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HBA London has designed the new Amadria Park Capital in the centre of Zagreb. Working in collaborat­ion with project developers, Ugo Group,

Zagreb, HBA London has converted a heritage property dating back to 1923, which was previously a bank, into a boutique hotel full of residentia­l charm and sense of place. The hotel’s bespoke interiors combine the original and the new with a deft touch, embracing the building’s historic character as a significan­t example of Secessioni­st architectu­re and translatin­g this into interiors that are light, fresh and elegant with a touch of romanticis­m.

The public areas take meaning from Gesamtkuns­twerk – they are a work of art that makes use of many art forms. These include the original, classicall­y carved mahoganycl­ad columns which were removed during the constructi­on and then reinstated, as well as listed ceiling features, light fittings and magnificen­t arched windows. They also include new pieces which reflect the influences of the

20th century design, such as softly draped curtains and a variety of seating collection­s, and some restored antique furniture discovered in the building, now joined by new seating, including plush banquettes. Altogether, the interiors uniquely belong within this heritage building. The public areas are planned as a series of rooms, reinforcin­g the suggestion of a private home overlaid with something of the winter garden, thanks to high ceilings, touches of Viennese- style detailing and an abundance of large pot plants. The colour palette is reminiscen­t of the lovely rooftops of old Zagreb.

Phoenix Mill has recently inaugurate­d Palladium Shopping Mall in Chennai. As many as 70 brands are gathered in a place that provides a luxury goods shopping experience. The architects at Urban Studio treated the volume of the mall like a jewellery- box clad in PIGMENTO brown zinc, to express the exceptiona­l nature of the programme.

Several solutions were envisaged to create a vibrant skin; made- to- measure cassette- type or pre- formed shingles, rhomboid shingles, etc. In the end, the architects and clients opted for an unusual solution; installati­on of a customised folded cassette to add threedimen­sional volumes.

Five different modules were necessary to recreate an effect that evokes the façade of the Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara. The height of the relief on each type of module varies to adapt to the various parts of the façade divided into three cases; flat parts, curved transition parts, requiring three different modules and main parts without any overhangin­g coping. An innovative solution demonstrat­ing the creativity and openness of a market which, despite its widespread use of metal, discovered zinc only very recently.

The globally renowned architectu­re firm Goettsch Partners ( GP) has announced the start of constructi­on for Changchun CR Center, a major mixed- use complex with a striking 980ft tower in Changchun, the capital city of China’s north- eastern Jilin Province.

Designed by GP with internatio­nal architectu­re and design firm Lead8, the project represents the third collaborat­ion of the two design firms with developer- owner China Resources Land Limited, the previous two efforts leading to new citymaking projects with multiple buildings and significan­t civic and economic impact in the Chinese cities of Wuhan and Hangzhou. In Changchun, GP is designing the main tower, and Lead8 is designing the retail and entertainm­ent centre.

Plans for the developmen­t of the 34,000sq m parcel in Changchun comprise multiple towers, including office space, high- end residentia­l units, and fully furnished serviced apartments. In addition, new ‘ signature spaces’, including a 66th- floor observatio­n deck at the tower’s luminous crown, are designed to draw visitors to the site overlookin­g the adjacent Mudan Yuan park and lake. It is slated to open in 2021.

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