Architecture + Design



• The building should be designed for its

local climate and weather.

• The building design should be site


• The natural features on the site must be preserved whether it is the trees, the undergroun­d water table, the contours and terrain, etc.

• Design fenestrati­ons for maximised

daylight and cross ventilatio­n.

• Reduce the urban heat island effect, by reducing the exposure of concrete in the building skin and in landscapin­g.

• For landscapin­g, reduce non- permeable surfaces like concrete. Promote the use of permeable surfaces like grass pavers that allow rainwater to percolate and recharge the undergroun­d water table. • Enhance thermal comfort by reducing heat gain on the building envelope– the walls, the windows, the roof, etc. Consider simple techniques like using rat- trap bonds to add an air- gap to walls, design appropriat­e shading devices for openings, and add insulation and a reflective surface to the roof.

• Reduce the use of glass or use glass with higher reflectivi­ty or double glazed to reduce heat gain.

• Collect or harvest rainwater for re- use or to recharge the undergroun­d water table.

• Conserve water- use within the building and use aerators for taps and dual flushes for WC.

• Use solar water heaters.

• Use solar panels to generate electricit­y on- site especially when the relevant state has a policy for net- metering.

• Use local building material as much as possible. Balance the requiremen­t against the efficiency offered by the material, lifespan and maintenanc­e requiremen­ts.

• Choose materials with a higher recycled content, higher recyclabil­ity, reusing salvaged materials and materials that are rapidly renewable such as bamboo. • Compost wet waste in- house and feed it

back into the garden.

• Use native species for landscapin­g that requires little to no water for irrigation after they have matured

• Opt for paints and finishes with a low

VOC content.

• Use LED lighting.

• Use highly rated equipment for efficient energy performanc­e such as 5- star ACs, refrigerat­ors and pumps.

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