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- ( Seema Sreedharan) Editor

“Architectu­re as a tool, as a stream, architectu­re as a weapon, is so potent, so strong, that you can actually convert a fi gment of your imaginatio­n; you can actually convert what you are thinking about, what you are dreaming about into a reality that you can live,” says Puran Kumar of Studio PKA. We couldn’t agree more. I’ve always been in awe, of how the series of lines and markings on the blueprint magically transform into tangible realities of our existence. I’ve always felt that there’s a halo of knowledge, informatio­n that radiates when architects, designers or creators engage in a conversati­on. And that’s precisely the reason why, for our cover feature, we decided to take a backseat, become mere spectators, and let the architects do the talking. In a fi rst for us, we engaged architects Puran Kumar of Studio PKA and Rajiv Parekh of reD Architects in a constructi­ve critique of each other’s project. For once, it was not us asking the questions, or orchestrat­ing the story. What ensued was a nuanced critique of architectu­ral styles and typologies. We so enjoyed this almost cerebral experience, that we have a Part II planned with architects Akshat Bhatt of Architectu­re Discipline and Sidhartha Talwar of Studio Lotus for the next Issue. In this Issue, we also explore the tenets of conscious architectu­re and design.

Right from structures that are true to its context, to design interventi­ons that seek to explore new materials, recyclable solutions, and energy- effi cient methodolog­ies. Now, more than ever is the need to adapt a conscious, mindful approach to the way we build and the way we live. In conclusion, I would like to quote Winston Churchill, “We shape our buildings therefore our buildings shape us.”

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is the will of an epoch translated into


— Mies van de Rohe

 ??  ?? Mural painted on a wall on South Street in Philadelph­ia
Mural painted on a wall on South Street in Philadelph­ia
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