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Biopod on the Moon


At the Future Investment Initiative in Riyad last year, Interstell­ar Lab unveiled the BioPod: the first inflatable environmen­tally- controlled plant cultivatio­n pod. Working as a stand- alone system using advanced crop cultivatio­n technology, the BioPod provides unpreceden­ted solutions for local, regenerati­ve, and efficient agricultur­e on Earth. It fosters biodiversi­ty, turns CO into O , closes the water loop,

2 2 and reduces land need by a factor of 100. In 3 years, Interstell­ar Lab is also planning on adapting the BioPod for lunar applicatio­ns, more specifical­ly in the context of NASA Artemis program, which will bring humans back to the Moon by 2024. The first BioPod is currently being built in Paris.

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