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Chaudhary Foundation recently inaugurate­d their newly constructe­d ‘ Unnati Cultural Village ( UCV)’ at Harkapur, Nawalpur. Veteran artist Shyamlal Shrestha, Gaindakot Municipali­ty’s

Mayor, Chhatraraj Poudel and Vice Chair of Chaudhary Foundation, Nirvana Chaudhary jointly inaugurate­d UCV amidst an official event. Chaudhary Foundation is the social initiative of Chaudhary Group.

Speaking at the event, Binod Chaudhary, Chairman, Chaudhary Foundation mentioned that UCV has finally come to fruition after years of tireless efforts. “Art, literature and culture are the foundation­s of any society. If we do not strengthen these foundation­s, the future generation­s will forget about it,” he said, adding, “We have establishe­d Unnati Cultural Village keeping in mind the present and future generation­s.”

The Foundation establishe­d UCV in response todisappea­ring cultures due to increased urbanizati­on and modernizat­ion. There are restaurant­s, guesthouse­s and rooms that reflect Tharu culture at UCV.

The structures are adorned with paintings of various Tharu festivals and celebratio­ns.

The essence of Tharu culture and community is engraved in this Cultural Village. Located 12 km away from Chitwan’s Narayangad­h Bazaar, it is a culturally significan­t Tharu

Village with a Tharu Dabali and Tharu Bar within the premises. The Tharu Bar has been named ‘ Gadala Mod’ in Tharu language with Gadala meaning rice wine and Mod meaning alcohol. Other structures too have been named in Tharu language. Not just Tharu culture, other cultures too are well represente­d in the Village.

Spread across approximat­ely six bighas of land, the Village boasts of a Nepali Arts Museum. An Art Centre has been set up for the promotion of art and literature. Kala Ghar, where artists can stay and create artworks can also be found once inside the Village.

The Village will have a Cultural Multipurpo­se Hall, where cultural banquets, gatherings, meetings, and cultural exhibition­s can be organized. Likewise, a separate space has been assigned for ‘ Kala Batika’, with 18 places identified for the ‘ Open- Air Museum’.

Artists can create artworks and exhibit them here.

 ??  ?? Bodhi Ban - Artist Residency
Bodhi Ban - Artist Residency
 ??  ?? Kala Ghar
Kala Ghar
 ??  ?? Bada Ghar - Private Dining
Bada Ghar - Private Dining

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