Architecture + Design

The project is developed according to the following sustainabi­lity criteria:


Urban recycling and renovating the building has had less than half of CO

2 emissions compared to tearing it down and building it again.

The building adds fostering biodiversi­ty by designing a biophilic building where vegetation prevails on elevations, roof, patio and interiors improves people’s health, air quality and biodiversi­ty of our cities.

Recycling and reusing rainwater within the building, fostering circular economy. Water collected by the photovolta­ic pergola is stored in tanks on the rooftop to irrigate vegetation.

Sustainabl­e mobility is encouraged by placing the bicycle parking on the main entrance. The building adds to the city’s new sustainabl­e mobility network.

Strategic elements are placed on the rooftop such as mobile canopies, or refreshing surfaces with lush vegetation that help mitigate the city’s heat island.

The use of locally- available, recyclable and environmen­t- friendly materials is promoted. Certified wood is used as the main material of the project.

Passive strategies are developed to accomplish minimum energy demands. Roof and facade insulation is increased, and joinery is renovated improving the building’s thermal envelope’s efficiency.

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