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Sage Living Launches E-store


Sage Living, a leading décor and furniture design brand, launches their e-store by launching a website giving people an opportunit­y to browse and shop from the comfort of their homes. The buyers can browse through the website https:// which has an extensive catalogue of versatile furniture and home décor pieces.

The latest collection offers gold accents suitable for large dinner gatherings and celebratio­ns. Each piece is a mix of rich materials and textures articulate­d over threedimen­sional space. The Eden table lamp for instance has been treated to luminous champagne of gold finish and features a tree-like structure with whimsical birds sitting on the branches.

The Echelle mirror with its repeat intricate patterns and rims evokes the aesthetic of the newage arts and crafts movement. Similarly, every other piece is vibrant, glamourous and comes together to create a dazzling display that is jewel-like and modernist in influence.

“For us, the e-store is a lifestyle experience where we want people to come, explore and discover the beauty of our designs. We have created a virtual space that reflects you and what you love, which means forward-thinking, problem-solving design that unites value, quality and responsibl­e manufactur­ing,” said Keerti Tummala, Founder of Sage Living.

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