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Efiɛ Gallery presents ‘Shard Song’, A Solo Exhibition by El Anatsui


Efiɛ Gallery will be launching their new permanent Dubai gallery space in March at the Al Quoz Creative Zone with a major solo exhibition, titled ‘Shard Song’ by renowned contempora­ry artist, El Anatsui curated by MaeLing Lokko and creatively directed by Aida Muluneh.

The exhibition presents a series of new wooden sculptures that recall Anatsui’s earlier practice in this medium and its continued evolution, compliment­ed by a range of signature bottle cap works. Cofounded by Kobi Mintah, Kwame Mintah and Valentina Mintah, Efiɛ Gallery is a contempora­ry art gallery specialisi­ng in the promotion of African artists from within the continent and the diaspora, with a focus on West African art. The gallery represents both mid-career and establishe­d artists and supports the sharing of their works in the Middle

East, creating a platform for collaborat­ion and exchange between the two regions.

“The term ‘shard’ goes back to the fundamenta­l unit in El Anatsui’s work– the broken fragment of the ceramic pot, the bit, or piece– that has undergone a process of rupture and division. But ‘shard’ here, communicat­es the quality and potential of the broken piece– of something that’s edges are left bare; exposed but ultimately, ‘free’.

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