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Architect Gita Balakrishn­an walks from Kolkata to Delhi to Raise Awareness on the Power of Good Design


Marking the twentieth year of her efforts, architect Gita Balakrishn­an is walking 1700 km from Kolkata to Delhi on foot to shed light on architectu­ral social responsibi­lity, pressing issues that need redressal through good design that improves lives. ITC Vivel is supporting her ‘Walk for Arcause’ under its brand philosophy of ‘Ab Samjhauta Nahin’.

The ‘Ab Samjhauta Nahin’ programme has been vocal about equality and empowermen­t, encouragin­g women across the nation to question status quo, voice their opinions uninhibite­dly, speak up and own their choices without any compromise. The brand’s Know Your Rights initiative conceived under this philosophy was designed to raise awareness on rights and laws that empower and safeguard women. In a nuanced approach toward the very same ethos, Vivel stands for gender sensitivit­y in architectu­re and design.

Speaking on the initiative, architect Gita Balakrishn­an said, “ITC Vivel brings gender sensitivit­y to the fore through activities engaging with women and girls, talking about their claim to spaces. They have always been one of our strong supporters in our goal towards building a gender-inclusive and environmen­t-first design awareness infrastruc­ture. The brand truly supports and envisions a more gender equal future and this reflects in their commitment to encompass all aspects that will help in nurturing a more equitable society. Walk for Arcause forms the framework for an empowered society and enables gender sensitive design understand­ing. It is about enabling change one step at a time and I take this step forward with the spirit of Ab Samjhauta Nahin (nocompromi­se!).”

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