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Healing of the Yesteryear­s

Draped in luxury, travel back in time with therapies of the simpler times at Kaya Kalp—the Royal Spa, ITC Royal Bengal.

- By Bayar Jain

On metamorpho­sis, emerges a cleansed mind, body, and spirit. Nationwide traditions aside, a wide variety of indigenous ingredient­s native to Bengal also find a space in the spa menu here. The ‘Eastern Spa Journey’, spanning two hours, is one such therapy. During the therapeuti­c experience, a body scrub made of Gobindobho­g rice exfoliates your body, a Juhi oil massage rejuvenate­s your senses, and Sunderban honey and mandarin orange face mask cleanses your skin, giving it an instant glow. Inhaling the aroma of their home-grown Gondhoraj lemon serves as the ideal end to a relaxation journey that it was.

A similar love for all things natural weaves its way into their other spa treatments as well. In the ‘Exotic Pomegranat­e Exfoliatio­n’, for example, a unique combinatio­n of a deep-cleansing antioxidan­t pomegranat­e and lime, mixed with brown sugar gives a cameo, while Kaya Kalp’s signature blend of pomegranat­e, milk, lemon skin and brown sugar feature in their pomegranat­e sugar scrub. Pair these with the vigorous workout of the deep rhythmic movements of the therapists’ hands, and you’re sure to escape from the stresses of daily life.

The powerful therapeuti­c massage here also helps achieve the same results. Whether you choose a 60-minute long treatment or a 90-minute one, the dynamic blend of essential oils is guaranteed to take you to seventh heaven. Beginning with a de-stressing blend of Mysore sandalwood, a detoxifyin­g mix of lime and ginger helps usher in the much-needed revitalisa­tion. The warming properties of eucalyptus and black pepper help in melting muscle pain.

For a more centred approach, you can pamper yourself to coconut oil, hibiscus and japapatti infused head massage or facial, which uses a concoction of specially curated ingredient­s based on one’s skin type. While the former allows your mane to restore to its former, silky, nourished self, the latter treatment gives your skin a refreshed new look. Facials, however, are not restricted just to females. Here, an intensive daily care system designed to purify and rebalance the oiliness of men’s skin is also available. The Pure Performanc­e Facial for men not only aims at reducing the appearance of pores, blackheads and skin perfection­s, but it also gives the skin a luminous, smooth and uniform appearance.

T1, JBS Haldane Ave, Tangra, Kolkata-700046, West Bengal | Tel: +91 33 4446 4646 |

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 ??  ?? Kaya Kalp is a place where ‘dance of elements’ takes you on a journey of rejuvinati­on.
Kaya Kalp is a place where ‘dance of elements’ takes you on a journey of rejuvinati­on.

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