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Extravagan­ce lies at the heart of the Eros Hotel, New Delhi. It’s only natural, then, that glimpses of this permeate through the crevices of their inhouse spa, Healthy Self as well. However, despite providing their guests with a taste of lavishness, each therapy here continues to stay true to traditiona­l Indian roots. Their half-hour-long turmeric skin purifier treatment is one such incredible experience. Using turmeric, milk, and sandalwood, the therapist begins by preparing a special mixture to warm you for the heavenly affair that lays ahead. Not only does it serve as a skin toner, which reduces the effect of tanning, but it also helps refresh your skin and improve your complexion. For those with stressed muscles, the Deep Tissue Massage works as the ideal winter therapy. Spread across one hour, this deeply restorativ­e treatment is specifical­ly designed for tight, aching muscles. Swedish and cross-muscle fibre massage techniques are combined with essential oils that are known for their beneficial effects for blood circulatio­n. The use of black pepper, rosemary, and ginger during the therapy helps disperse the built-up lactic acid—the cause of muscle stiffness. An additional dose of lavender works as an anti-inflammato­ry anecdote, in turn working wonders in soothing your skin.

Address: Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019 Tel: +91 11 4122 3344

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