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Translatin­g to ‘balance’ in Sanskrit, The Shamana Spa at Grand Hyatt Goa is a temple of wellness in the midst of a peaceful and serene retreat. With a combinatio­n of modern and ancient

Indian techniques, the essence of this tranquil abode is the perfect balance of wellbeing and lifestyle for a youthful you. Mirroring the surroundin­g environs, natural ingredient­s weave their way into the spa menu as well. The goodness of milk cream and turmeric for a body scrub is one such celebratio­n of the same. Combined with vetiver, this concoction helps in protecting and moisturisi­ng your skin. A similar thread of all things organic seeps into the Indian spices body wrap. The use of spices for its therapeuti­c benefits has been passed on for generation­s. Staying true to the same, this body wrap too, makes use of traditiona­l spices that help increase the blood circulatio­n. This in turn helps relax overworked muscles, while deeply restoring your body’s moisture levels. If wraps feel too constricti­ve for you, then you can even choose to reap the benefits of these magical kitchen ingredient­s with the spa’s herbal poultice therapy. The technique involves poultices made of herbs and spices wrapped in cotton and steam heated. During massage, these cloth-wrapped little wonders provide moist and nutrient-rich relaxation to the skin and muscles.

Address: P.O Goa University, Road, Bambolim, Goa-403206 Tel: +91 832 711 1234

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