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From humble beginnings in Delhi to dressing global trendsette­rs such as Victoria Beckham, Priyanka Chopra, and many others, your journey seems incredible.


I started my career almost two decades ago when I returned to India with a degree in fashion. It has been an incredible journey from the cobbleston­e streets of Hauz Khas Village to London’s Regent Street, Faubourg’s St Honore in Paris, Fifth Avenue in New York and San Francisco’s Union Square. The first few years of struggle still remain my most cherished memories, as they taught me to be self-reliant!

When I started my label, fashion was a grossly misunderst­ood term. We designers were treated as glorified tailors. Today, designers have a huge fan following and are treated like celebritie­s, but the journey to this has been long and hard. I feel blessed to have been a part of this evolution. Today, my creations sell across the globe and I have had the privilege of dressing some very discerning and successful women, who continue to be my inspiratio­n.

India. I am happy to see the government creating so many new initiative­s to promote textiles, and I sincerely hope this movement will gain momentum. It is up to our generation of designers to bring this heritage to the world, and make sure it translates into income for our talented craftspeop­le.

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