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What kind of alternativ­e healing techniques will do the rounds in India in 2020?


the whole world started hyping over the benefits of holistic healing and practices. Today, our youth is getting more aware, disposable incomes are rising, and so are communicab­le and noncommuni­cable diseases. And hence, we are embracing a conscious way of living. If we look back at the 2015 Financial Year, the wellness industry in India was valued at USD 13 billion. With a spike in health risks and growing need for quality healthcare, the sector is now poised to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of nearly 12 per cent and will reach USD 23 billion by 2020.

Although Ayurveda, yoga, siddha, and meditation will continue to enjoy its popularity in 2020, there will be a paradigm shift in new emergences from global influxes, too. Mental wellbeing will be on the forefront with rising work stress tendencies amongst urbanites. Corporate wellness, the change in perception of valueaddin­g to an employee’s wellbeing, will take lead as it is directly proportion­al to the business growth of a company. Virtual wellness is also a trend that will do the rounds because internet access is

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