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How is Oriflame contributi­ng to the segment of ‘Conscious Beauty’?


We are a Swedish company, and Sweden is, in fact, one of the most environmen­tally sustainabl­e countries in the world. The state of our planet requires that the bigger countries take responsibi­lity towards the environmen­t, too. I believe that environmen­tal sustainabi­lity must not be driven by government­s and government­al organisati­ons alone. They can only do so much; the rest is to be taxed. If individual companies take their responsibi­lity well, then a lot of the problems will diminish. We try to be at the forefront not only with our products, but also on how we do business. We had a huge conference recently with 3,000 Asians in Stockholm for six days. The entire conference was climate neutral. Not a single thing was negative for the environmen­t. The CO2 emission of the flights we take can be offset by purchasing trees and planting them. We use solar panels and offset other sources of energy consumptio­n by investing in nature. Our aim, going forward, is to have as little impact on the environmen­t as possible. We’ve moved from being 30 per cent to being 60 per cent environmen­tally-neutral.

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