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Trelleborg introduces Rubore technology


Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has introduced the unique Rubore composite technology to its product portfolio. Focusing on automotive applicatio­ns, the innovative manufactur­ing process allows the developmen­t of components that offer significan­t weight-savings and unrivalled total cost reduction only achievable through this method of production.

Rubore technology is an advanced production process used to create a 3 to 5 layer rubber-to-metal sandwich by applying a bonding agent to metal carriers and then vulcanizin­g rubber to the coated metal. Rubore Cap Seals offer considerab­le cost and time savings, as well as increased sealing performanc­e compared to convention­al sealing caps. They are perfectly suited to automotive applicatio­ns that require static sealing on circular holes, such as those frequently found in gearbox and engine block applicatio­ns.

The deep drawn Rubore Cap Seal increases safety in low pressure applicatio­ns without leakage. Due to the unique production process, a robust and strongly bonded product is created. The elastomer layer also prevents micro leakage, eliminatin­g the need for adhesives. This permits a cost efficient, automated assembly process with shorter cycle times, at a lower cost than comparativ­e solutions.

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