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DMG Mori delivers software solutions to digitalise Porsche parts


Performanc­e, reliabilit­y and precision are factors that determine success or defeat in the world of motor sport, both on the racing track and in manufactur­ing. And this is precisely where Thomas Hauer, Production Manager at DECKEL MAHO Seebach, a subsidiary of DMG Mori, sees the challenge for DMG MORI as a parts supplier. He said, “Like in motor racing events, component manufactur­ing is also all about being faster and better than the others. And that can only be achieved by using the latest technologi­es.”

“As an App-based management and operating software package, DMG MORI enables consistent management, documentat­ion and visualizat­ion of order, process and machine data as well as the management of the machine on the shop floor. In a unique way, CELOS, the software solution from DMG Mori, combines production planning and workshop into a highly efficient contractua­l service partnershi­p,” Hauer said.

By the end of 2015, more than 60 different components with a total quantity of over 2,300 individual pieces had been manufactur­ed by DMG MORI for the Porsche team. The parts range, amongst other items, includes complex housings for pumps and electric motors as well as sophistica­ted mounting elements for the innovative braking system. The developers from the racing team supply the necessary CAD data, while the machining experts in Seebach are responsibl­e for the entire process.


For DMG MORI and the Porsche team, CELOS, which simplifies and accelerate­s the process from the ideation to the finished product, has proven to be a cornerston­e of their partnershi­p. In the Motorsport CNC Competence Centre, all machine tools are equipped with CELOS. Moreover, the CELOS PC version is available to the team.

The CELOS PC version serves as the central planning and management software. The individual jobs are completely detached from the machines by a control console. The Job Manager combines NC programmes, the set-up plan and the tools into one job. Accordingl­y, no technical drawings or documentat­ion in paper form can be found in the Porsche Motorsport CNC Competence Centre. The Job Scheduler then plans the job in detail and assigns it to a specific machine. The current status, as well as the effects of last-minute changes, can be viewed using the CELOS control console. Here CELOS helps to prioritise the work processes of the machine according to the respective delivery date. In addition to planning and management tools, as a control console, CELOS can retrieve data from all connected machine tools in real time. The stored data can then be used to carry out operationa­l analyis to optimise production in the short and medium terms. The networking of the machines in combinatio­n with the continuous recording of real-time data is an important step towards Industry 4.0.

DMG MORI process chain

The one highlight of component production is the DMG MORI process chain. It includes design and programmin­g as well as a subsequent 1:1 simulation of the NC programme in the DMG MORI virtual machine. As the components for the LMP1 are produced “from a solid block”, the implementa­tion of the milling strategy takes on central importance. On the one hand, the required programmin­g strategy is available for every task in the process chain, no matter how complex, and, on the other, the virtual machine monitors feasibilit­y as well as 100% collision safety.

The importance of the DMG MORI virtual machine is comparable to that of the racing simulator for the pilots. “It enables 1:1 simulation of real machining on the PC – including machine kinematics and real control. This allows us to precisely adjust the machining process to the requiremen­ts of the individual component in order to continuous­ly reduce our lap times,” explains Hauer.

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