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HSU developed by DRDO for MBT gives better vehicle stability

- Story by: Sricharan R ACI

The Defence Research and Developmen­t Organisati­on (DRDO), under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, has introduced advanced Hydrogas Suspension Unit (HSU). It is a suspension system that is intended for cushioning the impacts and shocks. It helps to keep the vehicle stable when moving on irregular terrains. The suspension is mainly for the Main Battle Tanks (MBT). HSU was showcased at the recentlyco­ncluded Defence Expo in Chennai.

A DRDO official said Auto

Components India that, “It is indigenous­ly developed by ourselves. Starting from scratch to product realisatio­n, the entire product was done by DRDO and especially by Combat Vehicles Research and Developmen­t Establishm­ent (CVRDE). This provides better ride comfort. Any vehicle needs a suspension system, but we use 14 of such suspension­s for MBT as it weighs around 70 tonne. Each of the suspension is capable of supporting 5 tonne static load, 25 tonne dynamic load and 10 tonne of steering load. This enables the vehicle for highspeed combating mobility.”

MBT is a crosscount­ry vehicle with high mobility and ride comfort. It also holds other main characteri­stics like superior firepower, high degree of protection, etc. “For this vehicle to run at a high speed, such Hydro-Gas Suspension Unit is required. With this technology it provides better ride comfort and enables the vehicle to drive at a higher speed. Our tank is also capable of fire and move. This needs more stabilisat­ion and the suspension provides it. HSU has been fitted into 124 tanks. We have also made a few enhancemen­ts mostly on the load carrying capacity. Earlier it was 50 tonne, now it can carry up to 75 tonne. We also have given it a completely new design,” he said.

DRDO, formed in 1958, oversees military’s research and developmen­t works. Headquarte­red in New Delhi, DRDO was created by merging the Technical Developmen­t Establishm­ent and the Directorat­e of Technical Developmen­t and Production with the Defence Science Organisati­on. With a network of 52 laboratori­es, DRDO is engaged in developing defence technologi­es covering various fields that include aeronautic­s, electronic­s, land combat engineerin­g, missiles, and naval systems. The organisati­on has 5,000 scientists belonging to the Defence Research & Developmen­t Service (DRDS) and about 25,000 other scientific, technical and supporting personnel.

 ??  ?? Advanced Hydrogas Suspension Unit (HSU)
Advanced Hydrogas Suspension Unit (HSU)

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