Greaves Cot­ton backs OEMs with BS VI pow­er­trains

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Founded by James Greaves and Ge­orge Cot­ton in 1859 and bought by the Tha­par Group in 1947, turn­ing it into an In­dian en­tity, Greaves Cot­ton has been man­u­fac­tur­ing diesel en­gines since 1939. En­ter­ing into a joint ven­ture with Rus­ton & Hornsby Ltd. UK, the com­pany in­tro­duced BS-II com­pli­ant ecofriendly light diesel en­gines in 2005. Sup­port­ing au­to­mo­tive OEMs like Pi­ag­gio, since its en­try into In­dia in 1998, by pow­er­ing its three-wheel­ers with ef­fi­cient diesel en­gines, and a range of small com­mer­cial four- wheel­ers that were launched at a later date, Greaves Cot­ton Ltd., is look­ing at play­ing a role of cat­a­lyst by en­abling OEMs to meet reg­u­la­tory and other re­quire­ments suc­cess­fully.

The com­pany has devel­oped pow­er­train so­lu­tions that are BSVI com­pli­ant so that its clients, in­clud­ing those in the au­to­mo­tive space, will be able to meet the reg­u­la­tory re­quire­ments. It also pro­vides for the chang­ing cus­tomer re­quire­ments for per­for­mance, ef­fi­ciency and com­fort. En­gi­neered to help its clients’ de­mand for al­ter­na­tive fuel pow­er­trains, the new so­lu­tions that Greaves Cot­ton has devel­oped, will power three-wheel­ers and small four­wheel­ers.

Apart from Pi­ag­gio, Greaves Cot­ton sup­plies en­gines to Mahin­dra & Mahin­dra, Atul Auto, TVS, Tata Mo­tors, and a range of re­gional three-wheeler man­u­fac­tur­ers. The cur­rent au­to­mo­tive pow­er­trains in­clude a range of sin­gle-cylin­der diesel en­gines (6 kW BSIII/BSIV, 7.5 kW BSIII/BSIV and 8.8 kW BSIII/ BSIV); a range of CNG and LPG en­gines (5.38 kW BSIII/BSIV, 6.7 kW BSIII/BSIV and 11 kW BSIV), and a range of two (33 to 54 hp unit pump com­mon-rail BSIV), 3 (105 hp di­rect in­jec­tion turbo in­ter­cooled BSIV) and four-cylin­der (135 hp unit pump com­mon rail BSIV) en­gines. Many of these en­gines are BS-VI ready, and form part of the new pow­er­train so­lu­tions de­vel­op­ment. At the Auto Expo 2018, Greaves Cot­ton show­cased a BSVI com­pli­ant multi-cylin­der tur­bocharged in­ter-cooled diesel and a CNG en­gine built in tech­ni­cal as­so­ci­a­tion with Pin­na­cle En­gines and Alti­green So­lu­tions. It also show­cased a lin­ear twin-pis­ton tech­nol­ogy for CNG and petrol three-wheeler en­gines that it has devel­oped in part­ner­ship with Pin­na­cle En­gines, USA.

Greaves Care scheme

To sup­port such new pow­er­train so­lu­tions, the com­pany has devel­oped an after­mar­ket pro­gramme called ‘Greaves Care’. It will amount to In­dia’s largest multi-brand or­gan­ised ser­vice and spares net­work for three-wheel­ers and mi­cro four­wheel­ers ac­cord­ing to Nagesh Basa­van­halli, Man­ag­ing Direc­tor and CEO, Greaves Cot­ton Ltd. Of the opin­ion that Greaves Cot­ton will re-in­vent last mile mo­bil­ity with the in­tro­duc­tion of in­no­va­tive en­gines and after­mar­ket so­lu­tions, Basa­van­halli said that their vi­sion is to re-in­vent last mile mo­bil­ity with fu­ture-ready so­lu­tions that will pro­vide con­sumers with ef­fi­cient, tech­no­log­i­cally su­pe­rior prod­ucts and ser­vices.

Up­grad­ing most of its pow­er­train so­lu­tions to meet BS-VI emis­sion reg­u­la­tions, the com­pany is bank­ing on its as­so­ci­a­tion with Pin­na­cle En­gines and Alti­green So­lu­tions. Look­ing at it as a key to ful­fil its vi­sion of get­ting closer to the cus­tomer, Greaves Cot­ton is con­fi­dent that the lin­ear twin pis­ton tech­nol­ogy will lead to a

big im­prove­ment in fuel ef­fi­ciency and per­for­mance. It would also lead to a dras­tic cut in emis­sions.

The Greaves Care scheme will cover the changes tak­ing place at the tech­nol­ogy, the de­sign and de­vel­op­ment, and at the man­u­fac­tur­ing lev­els. Recog­nis­ing op­er­a­tional ef­fi­ciency and prod­uct de­mand as the key driv­ers of growth, the com­pany is seek­ing cost ad­van­tage.

Elec­tric pow­er­train

Claim­ing to have re­worked the dy­nam­ics of par­tic­i­pa­tion in the CNG and petrol three-wheeler seg­ments, the com­pany is look­ing at carv­ing out a larger pie of the mar­ket. He said the tech­nol­ogy would help the com­pany en­able its clients to of­fer a low to­tal cost of own­er­ship to their buy­ers. For this Greaves Cot­ton is fo­cus­ing, be­yond the clean diesel tech­nol­ogy, on a high­per­for­mance elec­tric pow­er­train with an ul­tra-light, com­pact and high-out­put in­duc­tion mo­tor.

This mo­tor was devel­oped by Alti­green Propul­sion Labs, and is gov­erned by a com­pact, high per­for­mance con­troller. The con­troller is pow­ered by lithium-ion bat­ter­ies. In or­der to prove that it is mar­ket-ready, Greaves Cot­ton fit­ted it on a three-wheeler con­cept E3. It col­lab­o­rated with the MG Group to build this three-wheeler

con­cept us­ing com­pos­ite ma­te­ri­als. “By com­bin­ing our ul­tra light elec­tric pow­er­train of­fer­ing with an ul­tra light three-wheeler body, we have shown that a high per­for­mance pack­age with low to­tal cost of own­er­ship is ar­rived at. Not only will it give a longer run­ning dis­tance per charge, it will also as­sist in achiev­ing en­hanced earn­ings for the driver. For com­muters, the ve­hi­cle would be avail­able for a longer pe­riod,” Basa­van­halli said.

Greaves Cot­ton has sold about 5 mil­lion en­gines so far and is touch­ing mil­lions of peo­ple through its 3500 re­tail out­lets. It has clocked a 13% in­crease in rev­enue to Rs 458 crore, in the first quar­ter of FY2018-19, against Rs 406 crore in the cor­re­spond­ing quar­ter of FY2017-18.

Hav­ing 6 man­u­fac­tur­ing plants and a work­force of over 3500 peo­ple, Greaves Cot­ton builds ap­prox­i­mately 400,000 en­gines a year at its plants in Pune, Au­rangabad and Ra­nipet. It is watch­ing the sev­eral new ini­tia­tives that it has set in mo­tion, and are tran­si­tion­ing to the next level. There are chal­lenges much like there are op­por­tu­ni­ties. The most im­me­di­ate chal­lenge in the way of be­ing a cat­a­lyst is the need to get its sup­pli­ers to move with it as the bat­tle for BS-VI in­ten­si­fies.

Greaves Cot­ton has devel­oped new so­lu­tions in­clud­ing al­ter­nate fuel pow­er­trains to ad­dress chang­ing cus­tomer re­quire­ments for per­for­mance, ef­fi­ciency and com­fort.

To sup­port new pow­er­train so­lu­tions, the com­pany has devel­oped an after­mar­ket pro­gramme called ‘Greaves Care’.

The con­cept E3 ve­hi­cle MG Group devel­oped us­ing light weight com­pos­ites saw Greaves Cot­ton pro­vide an elec­tric pow­er­train.

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