Salient fea­tures of dual clutch

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Only one clutch pedal is needed to op­er­ate both the main trans­mis­sion (to drive the trac­tor) and the power take-off drive (to drive the ‘Im­ple­ment’); Sin­gle ‘Re­lease bear­ing Assem­bly’ and also less num­ber of mat­ing parts in the ve­hi­cle which is also cheaper; and lower weight of the clutch assem­bly than the dou­ble clutch.

Easy ser­vice­abil­ity:

Main trans­mis­sion disc assem­bly can be re­placed eas­ily with­out dis­turb­ing cover assem­bly ( re­place­ment of the same which is fre­quent than PTO Disc); While re­plac­ing the main trans­mis­sion disc, no so­phis­ti­cated set-height ad­just­ment fa­cil­ity is re­quired as the cover assem­bly can be in­tact and it can be done by even less skilled tech­ni­cians rel­a­tively faster and with less chances of wrong setup and as­so­ci­ated im­pact.

Op­er­at­ing Com­fort:

Dual clutch al­lows smoother op­er­a­tion of ex­ter­nal power take­off which op­er­ates the Im­ple­ments; the op­er­a­tor can change gears with­out af­fect­ing the op­er­a­tion of the drive to the same im­ple­ment.; the mo­men­tum of the at­tached im­ple­ment does not af­fect the op­er­a­tion of the trac­tor; it is ro­bust as it can take abuse bet­ter as the main disc assem­bly is in di­rect con­tact with en­gine fly­wheel , which also helps faster heat dis­si­pa­tion.

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